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New Year's compositions - simple ideas for home decoration


Of course, the Christmas tree is the most important element of the New Year’s home decor. But one tree is not enough for a complete "immersion" in the festive mood. It is advisable to supplement it with other New Year's compositions. By the way, if you don’t put a Christmas tree this year, then another thematic decor will still fill your house with the atmosphere of celebration and miracle. New Year's compositions can be bought ready-made, but this is not necessary at all - they can be made with your own hands, and also very budget. In this material we have collected the most interesting ideas for New Year's compositions.

New Year's compositions - simple ideas for home decoration

What can you make a New Year's composition from? From needles, branches, flowers, Christmas toys, garlands, beads, citruses, spices, sweets, cones, acorns, candles, dried flowers, moss, beautiful paper, fabric, ribbons ... The list goes on and on. You may not even have to buy anything on purpose, but what is already at home will come in handy.

Traditionally, New Year's flowers are red, green, white, gold and silver. You can focus on them if you want to make a classic version of New Year's decor, or you can experiment and pick up other colors that suit your interior. Christmas details, sparkles or light bulbs will help compositions of any color and style turn into holiday ones.

It remains to figure out - what form to make a New Year's composition?

1. Winter bouquet

The most winter option is a bouquet with fragrant needles. At the same time, these can be ordinary flowers, which, at first glance, have nothing to do with the New Year. Berries, branches, toys, cones and other "winter" attributes will help to add the right mood.

Bouquet of needles. Bouquet with berries. New Year's bouquet with red flowers.

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2. New Year's compositions with candles

Candles always give a special atmosphere of comfort. For the Christmas composition, you can choose any format of candles - even on batteries, if you are afraid of open fire in the house.

Composition with a candle and white flowers. Coniferous composition with candles. Composition with candlesticks.

3. New Year's wreath

Elegant wreaths have already become a familiar part of our festive decor. And this is understandable - they are very versatile. You can make them from almost anything and choose any place for them: hang them on the street or indoors, on a door or window, over a bed or table, on a mirror or chandelier, or even just put them on your bedside table.

A wreath of needles. White New Year's wreath. New Year wreath with citrus.

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4. New Year's whatnot

Among kitchen appliances, you can find a whatnot, which is used to organize spices (and the like) or to serve beautiful desserts. Such a bookcase can also be adapted for New Year's decor. You can even combine the beautiful with the useful - add salt, spices, etc. to the decor, and put it on the festive table so that guests can take them from there during dinner.

New Year's decor of the kitchen. New Year's whatnot. Decor shelves.

5. New Year's compositions in bowls

Many of us have deep bowls or vases that are filled with little things or are idle deep in the closet. During the holidays, you can "place" a New Year's composition in them. Moreover, to do this is very simple - you just need to fill it with all the beautiful that you have. In a deep glass bowl you can make decor in layers.

Wooden bowl with Christmas toys. Christmas composition with a vase. New Year's bowl with cones and needles.

6. Christmas box

If you want a bigger "scale", any box that you find is ideal: wooden, wicker, cardboard ... If you wish, you can cover the box with beautiful fabric or paper, but the rough texture will also perfectly contrast with the elegant composition. Depending on the size, such a New Year’s composition can be placed on the table and on the floor.

Wooden box with New Year's decor. Straw box with coniferous decor. Wooden tray with New Year's decor.

7. Non-standard "container" for compositions

If you do not have beautiful vases and boxes, then almost any basis for composition is suitable. Do not limit yourself to standard options, it can be: a saucepan, a basket, a cup, a teapot, a tray, a bucket, a jar, a jug, a wooden saw ... Almost everything that comes to your mind and lies idle. Imagine!

New Year's composition in a basin. New Year composition in a watering can. Basket with New Year's decor.

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As you can see, creating a New Year's composition is not difficult, so you can not stop at one. On the eve of the New Year and Christmas, find time for creativity - let the holiday into your home!