Why is alabai an ideal dog for country life?


Among the huge variety of dog breeds, in my opinion, there is a special one - the Central Asian Shepherd Dog, or Alabai. Her story is so ancient that it deserves special attention, and her qualities are so positive that they make her admire. Once in a family, Alabai not only becomes its full member, but also shares the responsibility for the house. However, having many positive qualities, this breed requires a conscious attitude. You need to be prepared to purchase such a dog, to understand in advance that it is significantly different from other breeds not only in matters of upbringing, but also in thinking.

Why is alabai an ideal dog for country life?

A little bit about the breed

Alabai, or tobet does not belong to breeds that appeared as a result of artificial selection. This is a native dog from Central Asia. Used for grazing since ancient times, it has the qualities of a reliable guard and a wise shepherd. It has a strong balanced character. Strong immunity. Differs in high affection to the owner.

It is believed that tobet was formed in a natural "selection" for about six thousand years and took the best. You can often hear that he is called "Kazakh wolfhound", "Turkmen Alabai", however, the breed is registered under the name "Central Asian Shepherd Dog".

At the withers, the alabai reaches at least 70 cm - the male, and 65 cm - the female. Having an impressive size, it is characterized by high grace, soft movements and a calm disposition. He has a massive head, wide chest. Muscular middle length neck. Straight broad muscular back. Smooth legs and strong skeleton. Thick straight coat and well-developed undercoat. The color can be anything but black, blue and brown.

By its neuropsychological characteristics, it is a smart, self-confident dog. Easy to adapt in the family. Calm about other pets. It gets along well with the children of its owners and with guests at home. Reserved attitude to strangers, showing protective qualities only in the event of a clear threat. On walks it does not react to small annoying dogs.

At the withers, the alabai reaches at least 70 cm - the male, and 65 cm - the female.

Key Benefits of Alabai as a Pet

In the city, due to the large size, Alabai can not be seen very often. But in the country (in the private sector) this breed is loved. And if you have enough territory to keep such a large dog, then the following positive qualities of the Central Asian Shepherd Dog will help you establish yourself in the choice:

  • Calm balanced temper. Aggressive puppies alabai quality breeder immediately rejects. If we compare the male and female - the former are not at all susceptible to fussiness, bitches are more dynamic.
  • Friendliness from nature. The main thing when raising a Central Asian shepherd puppy is not to confuse it with a German shepherd and not to consciously awaken aggressiveness through games or training.
  • Very strong immunity. Mortgaged by nature.
  • Reliability. Alabai is not just attached to the owner. Being very intelligent, the dog always reacts correctly to his mood.
  • Excellent security features. Alabai dog does not bark just like that, only if it really feels danger.
  • Calm attitude to temporary loneliness. At the same time, tobet likes to spend time with his family and responds well if he is periodically (with street contents) allowed into the house.
  • Alabai practically does not require training, only the education of basic skills.
  • Inexpensive content. Despite its impressive size, with the right diet it eats a little and does not need any special feed.
  • If Alabai regularly walk, he does not crap on his territory. If there is no possibility of regular walks (with prolonged bad weather), he goes to the toilet in one particular place.
  • Does not need very careful leaving. Only feeding, walking, combing, vaccinations.
  • It tolerates any weather conditions.
  • It does not have a strong odor.
Healthy puppy Alabai - active, has a shiny clean coat, eats with appetite

How to choose a good Central Asian Shepherd puppy?

If you decide to purchase an Alabai puppy, buy it only from a reliable breeder - this will ensure the breed is clean and will guarantee the health of the acquired dog. For the same reasons, take the dog with registration documents.

I advise you not to get too small a puppy - less than two months - he must be vaccinated before getting into a new house.

Consider your pet’s gender in advance. The males are balanced, calm, and in danger attack unexpectedly. Bitches are less confident, more mobile, rarely attack when in danger, preferring to stand in the way and bark.

Consider potential breed aggressiveness. You should calmly take a piece of meat from your mouth from an Alabai puppy. If not, you should not take such a dog to your family. Sooner or later, she can behave aggressively even in relation to the owner.

When choosing an Alabai puppy, be sure to evaluate its appearance and mood. A healthy puppy is active, has a shiny clean coat (for a purebred baby it will be short, plush, if long - there is an admixture in the breed), eats with appetite. A puppy with potential leadership qualities will be the first (among its siblings) to respond to a knock or your unexpected manifestations (for example, clapping hands).

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Our alabai has been with us for 6 years.

Why I will never exchange our Alabai for another breed

Our alabai has been with us for 6 years. Over all these years, he proved himself to be a reliable friend, a faithful guard, and sometimes as the owner of the pack. In the courtyard, choosing a place to rest, it is always located at the point from which the entire territory of the site is maximally visible. At the same time, he likes it to be higher - on a pile of sand, briquettes with hay.

When necessary, he will obediently sit in the aviary. But if you feel the danger, a two-meter fence is not an obstacle for him. And he does not even need to accelerate, he overcomes such a height by jumping from a place.

When our head of the family leaves for a long time, the dog periodically enters the house, is located in the center of the kitchen (this is the place where all the children usually gather), lies on the floor and calmly watches “his charges”. Until you make sure that everything is in order, it is impossible to drive him out into the street.

We often walk with our Alabai outside the village. Sometimes we observe an amazing picture. The herd of sheep, headed by the main ram, upon seeing our pet, stops, raises its head in his direction and stands as if spellbound. But only while he looks at them. As soon as the dog turns and walks, the sheep, as if on command, follow him perfectly synchronously. As soon as he stops again and turns his head in their direction, the herd freezes again and stands rooted to the spot. And so on until the shepherd scares the sheep.

In my opinion, although the Alabai are not particularly amenable to training, however, they should be trained in the main teams. This facilitates communication with the dog outside the yard. She should know, at a minimum, the basic commands - “place”, “near”, “sit”, “stand”, “walk”.

But even if you train Alabai “perfectly”, at times your dog will test you: do you really want him to be so obedient or can you still relax and behave more freely? If you show that no one has canceled the rules, he obeys.

If today I was offered to take a dog of a different breed, I would never agree. In my opinion, alabai is the best breed of dog for suburban life. Since this is not just a dog, it is an intellectual who will always love you, will not cause inconvenience and will become not only a reliable guard, but also a true friend for the whole family.