10 best indoor plant sites


What could be nicer than observing the fruits of your long labors, namely the potted plants that you cherish, cherish, and in return receive an ethereal beauty in the form of flowers or simply beautiful leaves on your windowsill. I think everyone wants to have properly grown, healthy plants in their home, but where to start and how to properly care for them? These are the questions that every budding gardener faces. Many people buy books on growing plants, but what could be simpler than accessing the World Wide Web and using a simple mouse click to get all the information you need. But for this, of course, you need to know where to "go." Let's try to consider the best sites about indoor plants and highlight their advantages.

Let's start with our site - "", a place of communication and exchange of experience for all who are keen on such an interesting process as growing flowers and a wide variety of plants. We hope that it will become useful both for amateurs and beginner gardeners and florists, as well as for professionals in the field of plant growing and floriculture, landscape and phytodesign.


A very interesting site that has fairly complete information about indoor plants. There are many advantages - this is a convenient design, a work calendar that contains a list of seasonal works carried out by flower growers and lunar calendars, which is very convenient to use for the proper cultivation of your plants, these are informative articles as well as stories from amateur gardeners that help others not to make the same mistakes in growing and, of course, is a forum that is replenished with relevant topics every day.


This site has its own distinctive feature in that articles about plants are copyrighted, which are undoubtedly more interesting to read and from which one can draw on the experience of others. I would also like to note an interesting and useful section of this site, which is called- Everything about buying plants, which publishes various articles that help you not to make a mistake in choosing plants, and also not to buy a "pig in a poke."


A very bright site where you can always find out the latest news about the world of plants. The site contains an encyclopedia and a guide to plants, which is undoubtedly useful to look through.


I remember this site as a beautiful photo gallery, which directly encourages you to engage in plant breeding right now. This site also has a very useful and informative section on pests and diseases of indoor plants and on preventive measures that it is useful for every novice gardener to find out.


On this site you can always find the latest news on exhibitions, interesting lectures on various topics about plants, as well as on meetings of the Internet community of decorative plant lovers. The site contains many useful articles.


This site cannot be ignored! Great design, convenient structure, a huge amount of information on indoor plants, as well as a convenient search engine. The advantages of this site is a very multi-compact description of each plant, articles on pests and plant diseases. The site also describes the technologies and processes that need to be done with various plants.


Orchid lovers should definitely visit this site - conditions of detention, bark, temperature zone table - all this you can find there. The site also provides detailed information on pests and methods of controlling them!


Very bright design, convenient search, as well as excellent articles, for example, on how to harmoniously combine plants and animals in a house so as not to harm them. Here you can find information about plants in the business interior, how to choose and skillfully combine plants indoors, which is undoubtedly very relevant in our time.


The undoubted advantage of this site is that here you can watch various kinds of videos, for example, about flower sculptures or how to take care of bonsai. In general, the site contains a lot of useful information on care, as well as author articles on plants. He will help you find answers to all your questions!


What could be better than live communication? If you can not find the answer to your difficult question about indoor plants on the Internet, then here you are! Undoubtedly, there will be someone who will gladly answer your questions and share their experiences. Constant replenishment of topics, a huge number of participants, is an excellent combination for a good "live" forum of indoor plants.

Of course, this is an incomplete list of sites about indoor plants, so we will be glad to hear your opinions and links to other equally interesting sites!