The 7 most fragrant orchids with a spicy smell


Aroma is not the most important advantage of orchids. But in some species and certain varieties, the smell is a significant addition to their main "image". Favorite sweets, pastry and spicy aromas associated with the best desserts and goodies are not uncommon among orchids. Vanilla aromas or more original spices in notes of a smell give delightfully bright flowers even more exotic. And you can choose spicy fragrant orchids from both popular and rare species.

The 7 most fragrant orchids with a spicy smell

Classification of orchids by aroma

Orchids that have some kind of pleasant or unpleasant odor are less common than odorless plants. In nature, this is far from the case, but it is plants that are completely odorless that dominate among indoor species.

All orchids can be conditionally divided into three categories:

  • species and varieties lacking or almost devoid of smell;
  • species and varieties with an unpleasant odor;
  • species and varieties with a pleasant aroma - light, subtle or very bright, which shares this category into three subspecies:
  1. orchids whose smell is heard only from a distance of less than 50 cm;
  2. varieties with aroma, tangible at a meter away from the plant;
  3. orchids with a strong smell, which is felt even from a distance of more than 3 m.

Orchids do not always immediately reveal their smell and often smell not quite at the predictable time. Some varieties are similar to any tropical flowering crops and smell pleasant, especially in the dark. Others - only in the evening, others - at dawn and in the morning, and there are those whose aroma does not change throughout the day.

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They differ in the manifestation of their aroma as the flower blooms: along with orchids, in which the flowers smell immediately after opening, there are those that will have to wait up to 4-5 days after the flower blooms before there is any smell .

The aromas of orchids are different, although, most often, plants are associated with their relative vanilla, also belonging to a huge family of Orchids. Orchids with a pleasant aroma surprise with sweet, spicy, surprisingly festive overtones.

Flower-refined smells among orchids are less common than fruit plumes - from the aroma of green apples to orange or lemon peel, melon, watermelon.

Many people call orchid flavors confectionery. And the truth is, almost always their smell evokes associations with spices or goodies - chocolate, vanilla, spices, honey.

Next, read the list of the best spicy orchids.

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1. Cymbidium mosquito

Cymbidium mosquito (Cymbidium ensifolium) - the most honeyed of all orchids and the most popular of cymbidiums. This is a very elegant sympodial type orchid with poorly developed centimeter, completely closed leaf sheaths, pseudobulbs and long roots. Narrow lanceolate leaves from 30 cm to 1 m in length seem amazingly straight and strict, not only due to the folded structure, but also due to their very dark color.

Cymbidium mosquito (Cymbidium ensifolium).

Vertical inflorescences, as a rule, are somewhat shorter than the leaves. They carry up to 9 flowers that last for several weeks. With a diameter of 3 to 5 cm, they show off with beige and yellow sepals and petals with longitudinal, reddish veins, and sometimes specks, and a greenish lip covered with patterns.

2. Cycnoches pentadactylone

Cycnoches pentadactylone (Cychnoches pentadactylon) surprises anyone with its chocolate and amazingly delicious aroma, which is characterized by soft vanilla overtones. This is a very rare orchid, the flowers of which cannot but evoke associations with miniature dragons. And even more surprisingly, in the culture of cyclones, they are surprisingly unpretentious and more similar to phalaenopsis than to rare species.

Cycnoches pentadactylone (Cychnoches pentadactylon).

The bizarre, fleshy, rounded-spindle-shaped pseudobulbs of this sympodial orchid surprise with numerous internodes and release tightly embracing stems, thin, oval-lanceolate, with a pointed tip leaves, from the sinuses of which there is a short peduncle with 30 or slightly less elegant flowers up to 10 cm in diameter Oval, with a narrowed base, turned back petals and sepals, a thin lip curiously curving in an arc create a shape, and the truth, reminiscent of a tailed dragon in flight.

3. Rhinostilis giant

Giant Rhinostilis (Rhynchostylis gigantea) - the best of orchids with "Christmas" spicy aromas, the complex trains of which you want to solve endlessly, barely catching light halftones of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, mixed with sweet honey cloying.

Giant Rhinostilis (Rhynchostylis gigantea).

This is a very large orchid with narrow, but fleshy leaves, up to 40 cm in length, growing in two rows, hanging fancifully with age, with an increasingly lignified and tall stalk and short peduncles. Dense cylindrical panicles of several dozen flowers seem amazingly massive.

Despite the fact that the flowers in diameter will not exceed 2.5 cm, they are very beautiful - with a spur, petals and sepals narrowed at the base, giving the flower airiness, and a three-lobed lip. White or purple, the flowers are clearly visible and seem very delicate.

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4. Zygopetalum

Zygopetalum (Zygopetalum) - one of the orchids, the spicy aroma of which is easily recognizable and resembles a freshly ground mixture of peppers, superimposed on the basis of the aroma of lilac. Fragrant zygopetalum flowers exude a spicy smell only in the morning. This is one of the most easily recognizable orchids with large pseudobulbs (up to 7 cm), thick whitish roots and long, folded, spectacularly shiny and not very hard lanceolate leaves.

Zygopetalum (Zygopetalum).

Zygopetalums are famous for their shade tolerance, an abundance of half-meter leaves, which produce a very vivid impression. But most of all - a unique palette of colors of flowers. Small, oval-drop-shaped sepals and petals with spots and stripes on a yellow-green background emphasize the beauty of a huge, wavy scapular lip with purple, purple and blue patterns or color.

Color shades of zygopetalum flowers are often compared with senpolias. And the fact that each peduncle is able to produce up to 12 flowers only enhances the attractiveness of zygopetallums.

5. Arachnis

The original orchid peanut (Arachnis) no less original flowering and unique aromas. This orchid is with long stems and arranged in two rows of hard belt-shaped leaves. Peduncles can extend up to more than a meter. They grow from the axils of the leaves, bizarrely bending over.


Huge flowers with a diameter of up to 12 cm do not seem massive: beige-yellow, with a small dark speck, arachnid, with a wax texture, they last amazingly long on the peduncles.

The petals and sepals are narrow, with bent and expanding rounded ends, and the lip with a wide spur is decorated with stripes or plain. The flower resembles a spider, which is why the plant got its name. The aromas of this orchid are not always the strongest, but unique: musky, almond, anise, fennel - all these shades are inimitable.

6. Katasetum

Confectionery fans can easily smell catasetum (Catasetum) - rare orchids, the flowers of which smell like freshly baked rye bread and malt muffin. These are sympodial orchids with oval pseudobulbs very densely pressed to each other, resembling cigars with a pointed end to many (they can grow up to 20 cm in length).


Even young pseudobulbs are leafy even at rest, from the second year lanceolate leathery leaves with longitudinal veins fall off. This deciduous orchid produces simultaneously large male, up to 12 cm in diameter, flowers and female, small.

Only the first ones can boast of high decorativeness - turned upside down, with a funnel-shaped lip, oval sepals and petals. Unique dark red, chocolate colors, contrasting with a yellow-green lip, only emphasize how unusual this orchid is.

7. Wanda

The aromas of most species are associated with spices. vand (Vanda), however, they are very different in intensity and sometimes acquire shades of grapes. The brightest orchid with rounded petals has become famous for its dazzling "acrylic" shades of purple, pink, purple, violet, and its complex character.


Wands are monopodial orchids that do not form pseudobulbs. Medium stems with densely sessile, belt-shaped and brightly colored leaves and greenish airy roots create very bizarre silhouettes.

Small-flowered or multi-flowered vandas always look bright. From peduncles of various shapes, developing from the axils of the leaves, from 2 to 15 flowers bloom, which gradually grow and acquire characteristic colors (only a few days after blooming). Vandas flowers can exceed 15 cm in diameter, the rounded lines are their main feature.