9 of the most unpretentious fruit crops


Which summer resident does not dream of having such a garden so that fruits and berries are all year round, and minimal care - without frequent pruning, top dressing, spraying and watering?


To get such an unpretentious garden, it is necessary, first of all, to solve several theoretical problems for choosing crops, and then move on to practical implementation: plant and ... do a garden, landscape, rest corner. And along the way - to harvest the most unpretentious, but very tasty and healthy garden crops.

In compiling this list, we were guided by the words of old and experienced gardeners who say: in order to have time at the cottage to rest, you must first plant fruit crops that will not require constant care and your attention.

General approaches to creating a garden from unpretentious fruit crops

First of all, you need to make a list and select in the market or in specialized companies seedlings of perennial undemanding crops of known and, importantly, well-established varieties in your area.

Easy-to-care varieties of fruit crops should be:

  • zoned, resistant to weather vagaries of the district, region (temperature extremes, spring frosts, fogs, etc.),
  • cold-resistant, so as not to bother every year with their shelter for the winter and disclosure in the spring if you live in the northern regions,
  • differ in longevity so as not to impede yourself with frequent plantings of new cultures,
  • not requiring many years of crown formation,
  • not requiring annual trimming and garter support.

The most unpretentious, but very useful and necessary crops for the garden without the hassle

From fruit trees the most unpretentious are: cherry plum, apple ranetka, walnut (walnut, Manchurian, black, heart-shaped, hazel, etc.).

From shrubby - dirge, dogwood and sea buckthorn, which can be formed by trees or left in the form of tall shrubs.

By the content of vitamins, minerals and other useful substances, the medicinal properties of dwarf berry, dogwood and sea buckthorn will replace the entire list of garden plants. All parts of these 3 types of shrubs are actively used in folk and official medicine.

The following berry fruits practically do not require care and form fairly high environmentally friendly crops: raspberries, chokeberry aronia, blackberry, sea buckthorn, and peanut.

Thus, a large part of the garden and the berry, consisting of the necessary, but unpretentious plants, will free up time for rest and care for more capricious crops and exotics. Of course, the garden for the "lazy" requires care, but most of it, at the initial stage, when it is laid.

Let's take a closer look at fruit crops that require minimal care:

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