20 fashionable varieties of begonias


Begonias were never boring, but active selection and the appearance of new varieties brought these plants to new heights. From room classics, magnificent and such special begonias have turned into modern and irreplaceable stars. Dazzling clouds of flowering varieties or the luxury of deciduous patterns leave no one indifferent. And every year the assortment of begonias is growing, replenished with delicious fashionable novelties.

Begonias are beautifully flowering.

It is believed that the "evolution" of flowering begonias is significantly inferior to decorative and leafy varieties. If the flowering indoor begonias change mainly only color variations and improve endurance, then in the process of creating new varieties of deciduous beauties, breeders have long surpassed, it would seem, any expectations. Different textures, effects, colors, variations of patterns are complemented by the ability to choose the size and shape of the leaves. And sometimes it seems that new varieties appear day by day. Begonias can be selected not just to your liking, but also for the interior, textiles and even accessories. And although the old varieties still remain in demand, it was the fashionable novelties that returned begonia to the peak of popularity.

Among flowering begonias, hybrid varieties can boast the greatest variability. tuber begonia (Begonia x tuberhybrida) Among them, you can sometimes meet the most unexpected color variations. But deciduous begonias are dominated by hybrids begonia rex (Begonia rex), which often appear in catalogs and at exhibitions as varieties of unknown origin, in which purely decorative characteristics are considered the main ones.

A collection of leafy begonias.

Both those and other begonias have something to see. We invite you to get acquainted with the top ten favorites among flowering and the same number of deciduous begonias, leading in popularity ratings today.

10 best flowering begonias

Variety "Party Dress" tuber begonia (Begonia x tuberhybrida) is one of the most spectacular begonias with a dazzling fiery color. Large terry inflorescences surprise not only with color transitions or the number of petals, but also with the structure. Against the background of standardly low bushes (about 30 cm), this hybrid variety forms dense inflorescences from seeming wax flowers with an unevenly ruffled edge. The outer petals are wider, toward the center of the flower their size decreases, but the cross-shaped structure is more clearly manifested. Despite the fact that each petal is different, the begonia flower seems symmetrical. But the main feature of this variety is still considered the color. Bright, apricot-orange, with the thinnest red strip on the edge that gently “blurred” along the contour of the petal, but still leaves a sense of contrast, it captivates with a game of rich and warm colors.

Begonia flowering "Party Dress".

Begonia variety "Picotee Yellow-Red" also differs in two-tone color, but very different in character. This is one of the most compact and full-flowered varieties of begonias, in which a feeling of massiveness and density of bushes with a height of 25 about 35 cm is achieved due to shortened peduncles. Flowers with a diameter of up to 9 cm are strikingly large and densely double, neat and rustic-elegant. The obovate begonia petals with an almost even edge seem especially unusual due to the combination of melon apricot tone with a dark red painted edge. The flowers are located on the bush so densely that they merge into a single mottled spot. Cold and bright color of greens and "fruit" flowers look inimitable.

"Camelia" - A variety of tuberous begonias, the name of which speaks for itself. The unique shape of the petals and the dense terry make the flowers of this variety really look like genuine camellias. The height of the bushes is up to 30 cm and medium-sized leaves even more emphasize the size of huge flowers, the diameter of which can even exceed 10 cm. But special attention should also be paid to the begonia color - the white edge of the petals with uneven spots turns into a saturated dark pink base. And from this watercolor, the elegant classic shape of the flowers looks even more spectacular.

Begonia flowering "Camelia".

"Marmorata" - Begonia cultivar, very reminiscent of "Camellia", but different in color. If the shape of the bush, and the leaves, and the flower itself are almost similar, then the color of the “Marmorata” is the opposite: the red edge of the petals with uneven strokes continues on a snow-white base. It is thanks to the mottled ripples that the flowers of this variety of begonia are often compared with carnations - this pattern is usually characteristic of the latter.

Begonia flowering "Marmorata".

"Samba" (or "Samba Mix") - a varietal mixture of terry large-flowered begonia, which can boast immediately of two unique features. Firstly, thanks to the "ruffles" along the edge, the flowers of the plant are very similar to elegant carnations. And, secondly, the color of the flowers is uneven - from white and light pink to orange, almost yellow, cream and dazzling pink. Shades are almost always unique, pastel and elegantly candy. Begonia flowers seem very large, in diameter they really reach 9 cm. Bushes densely branch, neat in appearance, and thanks to shortened peduncles, flowers literally sit on the leaves.

Begonia flowering "Samba" Mixed.

Grade "Alkor F1" - A hybrid ampel variety of tuberous begonia, the flowers of which resemble more likely the typical inhabitants of the tropical jungle. This is a magnificent plant, capable of reaching 40 cm in height and is distinguished by a fairly dense greenery. But unlike other ampelous begonias, the flowers do not drown in the leaves at all, because they bloom in such quantities that they cover the bushes with a continuous blanket. Large, up to 8 cm in diameter, drooping and graceful, they conquer with details and asymmetry. The upper outer petal of a begonia is painted in candy red. The lower outer petals are almost white with bright pink touches. And the elegant center flaunts with several different shades of pink and orange and smaller petals. This is a tropical star that can overshadow any bulb exotics.

Olomouc - An exclusive hybrid of evergreen begonia (Begonia semperflorens). In height, the variety is limited to only 20 cm, and flowers in diameter will not exceed 3 cm. Adding to this a pure white color, you can get a completely "boring" picture. Meanwhile, this begonia is one of the most fashionable and original. The thing is its dazzlingly bright foliage and compact dense bush of ideal shape, which can be appreciated during the flowering like snow. The flowers are unusually spectacular and seem artificial. Rounded petals bend like the fields of a hat or paper fans, surprising the purity of their lines no less than with a radiant color. And the magnificent “ball” of orange stamens in the center completely turns begonia flowers into a small miracle. This is a unique plant that blooms earlier than other varieties and pleases with relentless flowering to the very frosts. The ability to cleanse oneself is also of no small importance.

Begonia ever flowering "Olomouc".

All the advantages of Olomouc are also characteristic of one more domestic variety of begonia - "Archer". True, his flowers do not produce the same “paper” impression, the petals seem more tender and reverent. And the transition from a large bright pink border to a snow-white tone on two large central petals of a begonia in combination with a lemon fluffy center resembles the spring blossoming of apple trees. The variety seems fresh, romantic and surprisingly pastoral.

"Splendide Ballerina" - Begonia variety for those who love watercolor transitions, multi-color variations and a combination of thousands of shades in one plant. Compact bushes up to 25 cm high with slightly reddish nondescript greenery are completely invisible under drooping inflorescences with very large flowers. The diameter of begonia flowers varies even on one bush from graceful five-centimeter flowers to larger ones with a diameter of about 9 cm. Dense, slightly inaccurate flowers are painted with all shades of salmon, pink, oil-yellow, peach, apricot, fawn, and transitions and variations of tones characteristic for individual flowers, and for the bush as a whole.

Begonia flowering "Splendide Ballerina".

Begonia variety "Funky Pink" appeared on the market only last year, but has already won the hearts of flower growers around the world. This plant flaunts with a new flower shape, reminiscent of its drooping daisy with its narrow petals and uneven terry. Bright yellow stamens, delicate pink pedicels, grace and dazzling acrylic tone of pink immediately attract attention to this begonia. But it is also worth paying attention to very beautiful pointed leaves, and to the increased strength of the shoots, and to the splendor of this ampel novelty.

Begonia flowering "Funky Pink"

10 best leafy begonias

Grade "Jurassic Watermelon" begonias rex (Begonia rex) looks like a bizarre creature from among the ancient relics. The combination of unique shades of color and patterns, shape and pattern on the leaves make this begonia not just original, but unique. A large snail at the base of the leaves seems to flow into the "tail" - the elongated tip of the leaf, somewhat reminiscent of the tail of reptiles. The color only emphasizes this effect: the watermelon-pink spot in the center almost exactly repeats the shape of the leaf and, as it were, brings the illusion to perfection. Under a pink spot and on a bright green background of the rest of the leaf plate, silver-white drops are visible, which seem to be frozen paint or dew drops and literally glow. But this is not all the surprises of this begonia: a thick-ruffled carved edge with a unique blueberry-purple color is combined with a dark unevenly diverging veins spot at the center of the cochlea. Begonia leaves bloom so thickly that the petioles and stems are almost impossible to see. This is a fairly large bush, even at a young age it seems massive.

Decorative begonia "Jurassic Watermelon".

"Shamus" - Rex variety with the classic combination of bright greens and purpura, but still manages to look irresistibly original. It's all about the mottled ripples of the patterns and deeply dissected leaves, the shape of which is difficult to make out when playing with contrasting ornaments. The begonia bushes themselves, although medium in size, look very impressive, almost spherical due to the tiered arrangement of the leaves. The leaf is spiral, with an arcuate notch at the base, bright green, veins bright. The ripple effect on the begonia leaves creates a lacy, chaotic pattern of almost black spots located parallel to the edges of the sheet and creating the effect of an ornament.

Begonia decorative lithuanian "Shamus".

Talking Bird - A unique medium-sized variety of begonia, which seems to be shining no less than precious orchids. The leaves are elongated, medium-sized, but due to the strong bushiness, the plant seems very lush. A smooth edge with neat little teeth emphasizes the game of colors. The leaves of this white-pink beauty seem pearly and literally shine. This effect is achieved not only due to the white-silver color of the begonia leaf plates, but also to the chaotic patterns resembling a spider line: cherry and pink veins, forming an amazing texture, diverge along the veins with small strokes, lace.

Begonia decorative lithuanian "Talker Bird"

Begonia "Casey Corwin", the magnificent Begonia rex variety seems royal and almost artificial. In this variety, in favorable conditions, there is practically no green color, and the play of form, color and details turns the leaf into a small living jewel. Oval, with a very elongated tip, medium-sized leaves of this variety are distinguished by a weakly expressed snail at the base of the begonia leaf and a strongly indented serrated asymmetrical edge, giving the plant a kind of lace. The carved edge is magnificently accentuated by the game of colors. Silvery, almost white velvet spots most often capture the entire surface, combining with a beet-raspberry-heart stain in the middle of the sheet, with slightly darker thin veins and the same beet, uneven, but very thin border that seems to highlight the teeth on the edge. Red pubescent begonia cuttings only emphasize the play of silver and beetroot tones. And in terms of density and splendor of the bushes, this variety is also inimitable.

Decorative begonia "Casey Corwin".

At Begonia varieties "Garden Angel Blush" deeply dissected leaves and truly resemble the wings of angels. If in the previous variety the presence of green in the color directly depends on the growth conditions and, although it is still rare, it occurs, then this begonia is visually devoid of it. This silver-pink miracle is airy, lace and inimitably spectacular. The shape of the leaves is somewhat reminiscent of maples, due to the deep dissection of the leaf plate and the sharpness of the tips of the lobes. Dark green or dark purple veins reminiscent of leaves are even more unusual. Young bright pink begonia leaves fade over time and repaint in real silver, and the color transformation is heterogeneous and no less beautiful than both basic color options. These plants are large, catchy, voluminous.

Decorative begonia "Garden Angel Blush".

"Peter Piper" - A variety that from afar can be mistaken for a bouquet of dry autumn leaves. The thing is that among indoor decorative leafy begonias you can no longer meet varieties with such a wealth of orange-red-brown shades. It is a compact variety with rounded bud-shaped leaves, with a very wavy surface and "soft" teeth along the edge. The reverse alo-crimson side of the leaves looks at the bends, further emphasizing the color of the upper side of the leaf plates. Orange-brick, terracotta, different shades of brown watercolors diverge on the begonia leaf plate, emphasized only by a slightly darker reddish veins. Usually, a light yellow spot is found at the very base of the leaf, near the handle. The silvery, luminous edge makes all shades of color shine in a new way.

"Dress Code" - an exclusive and yet rare, but surprisingly clean and in the form of a leaf, and the color of the begonia variety. Few plants are so close to the monochrome leaf color closer than this beauty. The medium-sized begonia conquers not by quantity, but by the beauty of large leaves of an ideal oval shape with a slightly pointed tip and an almost whole edge. The leaves are light, almost white, as if sprinkled with light powder. A strict ink-black border and a dark spot in the center of the begonia leaf contrast stunningly with the base color. The effect of powdering is enhanced by small light peas along the rim, which can only be estimated close. This is an unusually catchy variety that looks very modern.

At varieties "White Suede" the leaves are only slightly darker (light pistachio, almost whitish), but the nature of this begonia is completely different. Medium-sized begonias produce not so large leaves with an inconspicuous snail at the base. The shiny, suede begonia leaves seem tender. And this effect is only emphasized by white veins, which can be seen only close up, as well as chaotic, all consisting of small dark red strokes and spots, openwork border along the edge of the sheet. In the center, dark spots of dark swamp color also diverge unevenly along the veins.

Begonia decorative lithuanian "White Suede".

"Black Swan" - a unique begonia hybrid, even against the background of other varieties almost black in color. It's all about large leaves of an unusual shape that bend and twist, resembling the silhouettes of these graceful birds. Despite the very large leaves, this begonia has small bushes. They are elegant and elegantly unusual. The flat edge of the foliage is compensated by the waviness and curvature of the leaf plate. Bright red cuttings wonderfully emphasize the beauty of the glossy ink-reddish color, and translucent silver spots, unevenly distributed between the veins, emphasize the tint and make the leaves more noble. This is a photophilous variety, the leaves of which are not similar to any other begonia.

Decorative begonia "Purple Snow"

"Purple Snow" - Another type of begonia with very large leaves, which cause associations with either maples or chestnuts. This large-sized plant became famous for the very modest size of the bush: the plant produces not so many leaves and still remains elegant. Each leaf is rounded, with a beautiful serrated edge, shallow dissection into lobes and a wavy surface. Large sheet sizes are emphasized by a double snail at the base. Silver-green color is combined with burgundy streaks and the edge of the sheet, and the spots are similar to "sprinkling", consist of the finest fragments. This begonia really looks like it was sprinkled with burgundy snow and this is one of the most regal varieties of decorative and deciduous begonias.