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English cottage discounts


England today remains the recognized leader in landscape design. And the point is not only that it is in this country that the legendary flower exhibition in Chelsea is held, setting the tone for the development of garden art. The gardens of Great Britain amaze us with exemplary elegance and an extraordinary romantic spirit. One of the objects, without which it is impossible to imagine a single English garden, is the lush flower garden. English model rabatki are easily recognized at a glance. Roses, shrubs and herbaceous perennials together create a unique example of style and canonical perfection. But do not think that it is impossible to imitate English gardens. The romantic spirit of lush rabatok from the UK can be recreated on your site.

Flower bed discount in the English style.

The secret of perfect harmony and charm of English rabatok

Rabatki and the English garden at the rural house are inseparable concepts. Creating colorful multi-color rabatok is one of the main traditions of English garden art. Even with the development of new-fangled currents of the British style, rabatki from cottage gardens did not lose their prestige and attractiveness. In the search for ideas for creating a true English cottage discount in your garden, it is worth remembering exactly what the essence of unforgettable flower beds consists of. It is no accident that these mixborders are known worldwide as a symbol of the unique English style of Cottage Garden!

In the special art of selecting colors and shapes, lushness and amazing romance lies the main secret of wonderful rabatka from a typical English cottage garden. They are as if created in order to contrast with ideal lawns, secluded places and mysterious corners for relaxation, exemplary stylish paths, a classic pond and high walls made of clinker brick or stone.

Being one of the integral elements of the garden of inimitable cottages and small estates, it was rabatki that became the main type of multi-color compositions in the English garden. They bear the main functional (or semantic) load. It is in the small houses that most of the flowering plants are planted and create colorful splendor, which is as if created by the artist to frame the strict framework of the cottage garden.

To create a beautiful discount, you need to remember both the environment and the careful selection of plants. But before being inspired by the best photos of colorful English mixborders, remember that creating such a composition without careful care and proper planning will fail. Such compositions, which use typical English colors, world-famous motifs and combinations of plants, require careful care, and not just “plant and forget” about them.

Slab of hyacinths and violets.

Reasonable severity

To begin the arrangement of the English rabatka, as if transferred from the English rural garden, it follows from the choice of forms and location. With the latter, everything is very simple: the charm of romantic fullness can be achieved both in the sun and in partial shade. And the choice of plants is sufficient to find your option anywhere in the garden.

And with forms it’s not much more complicated. Fortunately, the style itself sets strict limits. English rabatki are elongated, colorful flowering ribbons of a simple geometric shape that can easily fit into the design of even the smallest sections. They are always made in the form of rectangles, sometimes slightly curved. Even in small gardens, they always look more advantageous than any other form, and finding a place for them is much easier.

Most often, the one with the back side rests against the hedge, wall or fence. And the plants in it are located, respectively, from high in the background to lower in the foreground with a slight mixing in height and with accents that destroy the boring vertical structure. But you can make an English discount and bilateral, with the highest plants in the center line. Cottage discounts can be both narrow and wide - it all depends on the availability of free soil.

The main misconception that often leads to mistakes in arranging English rabatka is to reduce all efforts to naught by trying to surround the composition with a boxwood border or any other strict green frame. Do not confuse the English discount with the English flower garden. And with such an environment, it is precisely in him that your discount will turn, having lost all her essence and romantic lightness. Strict green frames in the English garden are needed for completely different objects. And the discount is designed to harmonize with the colorful variety and visual lightness of the other, strict design elements of the rural garden.

If you drop a boxwood border, then destroy the whole idea. In fact, such a discount is the only object in the English garden where diversity and restraint seem to reign, created as if in a burst of inspiration and representing a kind of improvisation. But in fact, behind its arrangement is careful planning.

Flower bed discount.

The main characters and their choice

The principles for selecting plants for the English rabatka are extremely strict. But thanks to their stiffness and practicality, it turns out that very amazing lightness, a feeling of romantic tenderness. A careful, rigorous selection of plants allows you to achieve the exact opposite result in mood - the feeling is not stiffness, but a magnificent color improvisation.

First of all, in English discounts a harmonious color scheme is always striking. Pink, white, purple, green, silver, blue and blotches of yellow allow you to look for your variations. And there is no recipe or primary color. And in fact, it’s not at all that the palette is the main key to success in selecting plants.

The most important rule for choosing crops for cottage rabatoks is their combination not only in color, but also in leaf shape and height. Each plant should compensate for the shortcomings and emphasize the advantages of neighbors, contrast with them, creating not a flashy canvas, but a romantic harmony of opposites and diversity. In fact, such an English-style mixborder is an example of symbiosis and a special charm of compositions based on deep contrasts and the play of opposites.

The magnificent rose should contrast them with plants with rounded inflorescences, delicate and touching vertical accents, small-leaved and large-leaved crops, skillfully diluted, able to fill the soil with perennial partners and accents in the form of cut shrubs and conifers, which give the fennel structure and allow you to relax from blooming variety. At the same time, tall plants are placed as a single accent and more often in the middle and background, and miniature and low ones are collected in the foreground and necessarily strengthen their influence by grouping.

Limit the number of plants for rabatka to 8-12 species, of which two “places” should be reserved for shrubs, one for sheared accents, 3-4 for large perennials, and the rest for low and partner ones. Large plants should be present in the discount among 2 or more specimens, and the rest should be present at least by 5 plants.

The arrangement of the rabatka in the English style begins always with the choice of plants. And here the most important thing is to move not from the largest cultures, but from the main stars and the visual center of the composition. In this, the arrangement of the composition of the cottage discount is different from any other flower garden or mixborder, because in the English garden the atmosphere is no less important than the structure and preference for the design canons.

Flower garden discount with decorative bushes in a standard form.

Queen of the English Rabat

The first plant to be placed in the English discount and to choose a position for her is her Garden Majesty a rose. The Garden Queen is that shrub without which no English garden can be imagined. In the discounts of even the most modest size they should be at least a couple.

Especially good with the task of recreating the style of the English rabatka English roses will cope. New or old varieties of the Queen of Flowers Austin selection will help you bring pure English charm to the discount without much effort. And the fact is not only that their densely double flowers did not become an integral part of almost any model British garden. It is these roses that boast a variety of colors and an intense aroma that complements and emphasizes the English atmosphere.

And there really is plenty to choose from. Gently apricot `Crocus Rose`, tender and relatively new Austin` Wildeve`, yellow-flowered `Teasing Georgia`, incomparably romantic` Pilgrim`, gently sunny, with fruit and oil color rose `Graham Thomas`, pink queen` Eglantyne`, classic among the English classics 'Constance Spry', which can be grown on an arch, and as a bush, and the typically English 'Gertrude Jekyll', which even received a name in honor of the legendary gardener-artist, these are excellent candidates for the role of the main star in any discount pretending to be to the title of English.

It’s not only that English roses are so ... English. They show themselves perfectly when used as park roses, but separately growing bushes, capable of abundant repeated flowering, make no less impression and successfully combine with classic perennials. And it’s not so difficult to take care of such roses: it is enough to remove wilted flowers, dry leaves and damaged shoots and not to forget about watering.

The rose in such a discount should play the role of a color center and a plant, with its abundant flowering that sets the mood and reveals the purpose of the color scheme. Therefore, it is worth choosing the color of the rose to start with. Having chosen the main soloist, it will be easy to pick up those paints and “touches” that perfectly emphasize and complement its beauty.

Flower bed discount.

Other shrubs in a discount in English

Among the shrubs, hydrangeas have always been and remain the ideal partner for roses in the English discount. Of course, they can be replaced by other flowering shrubs. But if we are talking about the classic cottage style, then you can not do without hydrangeas.

As calming, introducing into the structure of the rabatka the order and harmony of accents are used in sheared boxwood or yew trees. Where their use is not possible due to the climate, they are replaced by potted accents or sheared compact conifers.

Perennial fillers of English rabatka

The selection of perennials is more than a simple task. Use only classic combinations in the English discount and remember the canonical partners for roses. The best examples of cottage style can not be imagined without:

  • decorative bows with their soaring spheres of inflorescences;
  • touching heads of bashful bells;
  • The lush rustic charm of colorful phloxes.

It is also difficult to imagine an English rabatka with roses without silver wormwood or purple catnip, bearded irises - the perfect setting for the magnificent royal garden queen who will bring her color accents in any season. A tremulous explosion of flowering of colorful poppies or the majestic beauty of lace ferns will not be superfluous in such a composition ...

Aggregate plants that can propagate by self-sowing, creep with pillows and turfs and fill the space between the main stars, there are also many. Cultures such as lychnis or digitalis, geranium and lupine will introduce an element of improvisation into the composition and give it a special charm. And the delphinium will set spectacular high accents.

All these plants perfectly complement each other both in form and in color of flowers, and in the variety of foliage and its colors. And from them it is easy to create your own "set."

Flower bed discount.

Do not be afraid of mistakes

The task of creating completely repeating the charm of English garden gardens in a completely different climate is not always solved simply and the first time. And by no means always compositions fully live up to expectations. When embarking on arranging a cottage discount, do not be afraid of mistakes and the fact that you will not succeed in changing anything. Every spring or autumn, noticing that some plant is knocked out of the general atmosphere, style, nature of the composition, violates the harmony of the ensemble, you can simply transplant it to another place and replace it with a more suitable, in your opinion, culture.

The cottage garden allows you to experiment and constantly make something new in any composition. And rabatki, bringing their atmosphere to your site, will not be an exception to this rule. So in planning such a discount you can safely decide on experiments and rely on your instinct: you will always have time to correct and correct the result.