5 indoor plants with the most massive inflorescences


The variety of blooming house stars is so great that its own special plant can be found for any interior. Grace and catchiness, classic and exoticism compete in a real parade of forms, colors and characters. If you like plants that at first glance would attract the attention of all, it is worth taking a closer look at these "heavyweights" - indoor crops with the most massive inflorescences. They somewhat specifically affect the perception of the interior, but at the same time they are one of the most spectacular and modern cultures.

Large leaf hydrangea in the interior

Massiveness and expressiveness are paired

Among indoor crops there is a favorite for everyone. And while graceful orchids compete with touching senpolias, causing anthurium or dazzling catarantuses, cultures with the most massive inflorescences retain their status as a special star. Reaching a diameter of more than 10 cm, large balls, umbrellas, shields, brushes and spikelets often do not consist of such spectacular flowers. But the dense arrangement, bright color and structural features make each such flowering a massive miracle. And no wonder how under such a voluminous and heavy-looking inflorescence, thin branches do not bend, you do not get tired.

The number of plants with really massive inflorescences is not so great. But each such culture is special and unique. They include the favorites of modern design - indoor hydrangea, ixora bright red, primrose soft, etc. - cultures that can overshadow the splendor of any neighbor and dominate any company.

Unlike indoor crops with graceful buildings, daisy-baskets or unusual single flowers covering the entire bush gathered in small whorls of pretty flowers "bedspreads", cultures with large and massive inflorescences are not an elegant decoration and not a light visual accent. Such houseplants are solid stars from all points of view, which are a large, visually "heavy" accent that instantly attracts attention. To understand how indoor plants with large inflorescences affect the interior, it is enough to imagine a huge bouquet of hydrangeas or inflorescences of decorative bows in a heavy floor vase. It is such an impression - heavy, perfect, dominant, and at the same time - amazingly ceremonial decoration of the room that will play in your house culture with large inflorescences. This is an analogue of sculpture and large decor, heavy vases and statuettes.

The effect of massive inflorescences on the interior:

  1. Plants do not "steal" space when exposed in a room, but in a small corner or window sill they suppress their surroundings.
  2. Cultures with large inflorescences have a unique ability to emphasize the height of the ceiling and the size of the room, to identify its shortcomings.
  3. They force the interior to “shine” the winning moments of the interior, including successfully highlighting finishing materials and textiles.
  4. Plants with massive inflorescences suppress other plants and easily overshadow them, but they alone can replace an entire exposure.
  5. They are the best means of zoning and dividing space.
  6. This is one of the most powerful color accents.
  7. Such plants always look flawless and very stylish, and in most cases - modern and daring.
  8. These are the best "balances" for massive furniture and large household items, able to balance and visually compensate even large cabinets, chests of drawers and sofas, to harmoniously fit them into the decor.
Pentas lanceolate (Pentas lanceolata)

Talented and many-sided, plants with large massive inflorescences deserve much more attention and popularity. Take a closer look at the 5 favorites of modern design

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