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Compositions for containers and hanging baskets: "Purple Dawn"


The spectacular composition "Purple Dawn" for hanging baskets is created on the basis of supertunia petunias with the addition of unpretentious decorative and deciduous flowers. With good care, plants planted in this way will retain their shape and bloom from late spring to late autumn. The composition will be the perfect decoration for terraces and balconies facing south, west and east. In my article I will talk about the features of plant care in this composition, and the scheme of planting plants in a cache-pot will make it possible to easily reproduce the composition independently even for a beginner grower.

Compositions for containers and hanging baskets: "Purple Dawn."

This publication is the first of a series of "Compositions for containers and hanging baskets." Follow our publications! We will delight you with other beautiful and easy-to-perform containerized flower arrangements.

Description of plants that are included in the composition

Super Tunnel "Picasso"

The basis of the composition is the lilac supertunion "Picasso" (Supertunia 'Picasso') Strong branching and dense spherical habit make this plant ideal for containers and compositions in hanging baskets.

Supertunia 'Picasso' (Supertunia 'Picasso').

This hybrid is distinguished by bright purple-violet star-shaped flowers with light green tips and a thin border along the edge of the flower, which picturesquely shades the deeper foliage greens. The main advantage of supertunia is that it is covered with flowers from late spring to autumn, does not require cutting and removal of faded inflorescences.

Like all Supertunia petunias, it is highly resistant to heat and humidity, flourishing in hanging baskets throughout the season. The height of the plant ranges from 15 to 30 centimeters, and the width is from 40 to 60 centimeters. But in a small container with several neighbors, the bush behaves with restraint and does not grow so widely.

Where to get planting material?

Petunias of the Supertunia series belong to vegetative hybrids, therefore it is easiest to purchase ready-made young plants obtained from rooted cuttings (as a rule, they are already sold in bloom). If there is a mother liquor, cuttings are cut off from it, and after they build up enough mass and bloom, they are planted in the composition.

Supertun "Latte"

Supertunia Latte (Supertunia 'Latte ') performs the role of vertical accent in the composition. This hybrid belongs to the cascade type and its stems have a more vertical type of growth compared to ampelous petunias. Superutnia "Latte" is distinguished by large flowers (6-7 centimeters) of ivory color with expressive dark brown venation closer to the center of the flower and slightly wavy edges.

Supertunia 'Latte' (Supertunia 'Latte').

Despite its large size, the flowers of this hybrid do not suffer much from rain. Plant height 30-35 centimeters, width from 45 to 60 centimeters. With a free landing, the hybrid can form huge balls, but also behaves with restraint within a small composition.

Where to get planting material?

Since this hybrid of petunias is propagated only by cuttings, it is initially acquired in the form of rooted cuttings. In the future, you can save the queen cells in the winter and carry out the cuttings yourself.

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Loosestrife monetized "Aurea"

Loosestrife is often found in meadows and is popularly known as "meadow tea". Loosestrife monetized "Aurea" (Lysimachia nummularia 'aurea') differs from its natural form only in a golden hue of foliage. And so that this feature is not lost, it must be planted in well-lit places.

In mid-summer, bright yellow flowers in the form of asterisks bloom on the thin stems of the loosestrife of the coin-tree Aurea (Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea').

In mid-summer, bright yellow flowers in the form of stars bloom on thin stems. In form, it is a creeping groundcover. In hanging baskets, the loosestrife plays the role of an ampel. With good care, its shoots can hang down 60 centimeters.

The main condition for the good growth of the loosestrife is regular watering, but even with the occasional drying out of the earthen coma, the plant will be able to recover. Loosestrife is not required for additional fertilizers, and frequent top dressing, which is obtained by its flowering flowering neighbors in the composition, does not adversely affect the plant.

Where to get planting material?

If the loosestrife grows in your garden, separate a small dividend in the spring and plant it in a basket, or you can buy a young plant in a nursery or in a market. Seed propagation is impractical.

Coleus "Fireworks Lemon"

One of the few undersized coles that are easy to obtain from seeds. Coleus "Fireworks Lemon" is one of the most neutral representatives of the dwarf series of Coleus "Fireworks". Therefore, it is easily combined with the colors of a wide variety of colors, especially with purple.

Coleus "Fireworks Lemon".

Leaves are distinguished by a greenish-lemon color with expressive lighter yellow veins. The height of this coleus usually does not exceed 30-35 centimeters and it can be varied using pruning, which contributes to increased branching of the plant. Coleus seeds are usually sown in early April.

Where to get planting material?

Growing from seeds or purchasing finished planting material.

Secrets of the design of the composition "Purple Dawn"

The harmony of this combination of plants is not accidental, because all its participants are selected in accordance with the basic principles of design. Violet yellow colors create a positive sunny mood. The combination of purple and yellow is not so flashy and catchy as the contrast of yellow and red colors close to it. And at the same time, the composition is quite expressive, despite the fact that it consists of only two main colors.

The game with various shades of golden color and the difference in textures, as well as the habitus of the participating plants, gives the ensemble a special depth and originality. The lime border on the petals of the Picasso supertunia echoes the greenish-yellow chartreuse foliage of the Coleus Lemon.

At the same time, in the composition we can observe how the light green (on the petals of the Super Picasso Picasso) gains more and more yellowness (Coleus Lemon) and finally becomes golden in the foliage of the Aurea loosestrife, and also fully highlights in the petals of the Latte supertunia.

This original petunia dominates not only due to its vertical habit, but also due to its very large flowers, which contrast well with the smaller flowers of the purple super tunia "Picasso". Coleus with large dense foliage serves as an excellent backdrop for flowering plants. And the creeping loosestrife continues the composition outside the basket, picturesquely decorating the edge of the hanging planter.

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In mid-summer, the composition changes due to the appearance of bright yellow flowers of the Aurea loosestrife.

Phases of decorative composition

As a rule, the composition is created from bred plants that have already begun to bloom actively. In the early period, the center of the composition is the erect supertunia Latte. But as it grows, the hybrid begins to acquire a cascading character and leans slightly down. At the same time, a grown coleus takes the full place of a vertical leader. The cooleus becomes the most expressive vertical when it releases purple spikelets of inflorescences, which are absolutely not necessary to remove.

In mid-summer, the composition changes due to the appearance of bright yellow flowers of the Aurea loosestrife. With growth, the loosestrife, which initially serves as a small accent, becomes more noticeable, turning into a thick golden waterfall, and closer to the fall, its foliage appears an interesting reddish tint.

Thanks to the presence of two continuously blooming super tunes, the composition remains decorative and vibrant throughout the season. Moreover, more abundant flowering due to the strong branching of the bush is observed in the Picasso supertunia, which performs a filling function in the composition, since its flowering shoots take upaboutmost of the hanging basket.

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The quantitative composition and planting pattern

For a hanging basket made of cocovity with a diameter of 30 centimeters, we need:

  1. Petunia supertunia "Picasso" - 1 pc.
  2. Petunia supertunia "Latte" - 1 pc.
  3. Loosestrife monetized "Aurea" - 2-4 pcs.
  4. Coleus Firework "Lemon" - 1 pc.
Scheme of the composition "Purple Dawn": 1 - supertunion "Picasso" - 1 pc., 2 - supertunia "Latte" - 1 pc.; 3 - a loosestrife monetized "Aurea" - 2-4 pcs., 4 - coleus "Fireworks Lemon" - 1 pc.

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Composition Care Tips

Optimal amount of sun for the growth of each plant: full sun (6 hours or more). Partial sunshine is also possible (4-6 hours).

Dates of decoration: from mid-May to the end of September.

Priming: light, water-permeable (preferably ready-made mixture for flowering plants based on peat) with a high content of nutrients.

Watering: Regular and abundant as the soil dries. In extreme heat, be sure to monitor the soil moisture level. If it is very dry, place the basket for several hours in a low and wide container with water.

Top dressing: Regular top dressing with liquid complex fertilizer once a week or at each watering is mandatory for superdunks. When planting in the soil, it is also recommended to introduce long-acting fertilizers.

Possible problems: spider mite (in hot, dry weather) - it is advisable to regularly inspect the sheets and, if necessary, apply acaricides. Yellow leaves often indicate iron deficiency, which is a response to too high pH levels of soil or irrigation water. Watch your pH. Do not expose the composition to open air too early in the spring, as plants are sensitive to cold.

Dear readers! The composition for hanging baskets "Purple Dawn" was successfully tested on my eastern balcony, showing a high level of decorativeness and relative simplicity. In the following publications of the series “Compositions for containers and hanging baskets” I will be pleased to share other interesting floral arrangements that you can easily recreate on your balconies, terraces or gardens.