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5 most unpretentious perennials for a front garden blooming in spring


The front garden is the "face" of the garden and its owner. Therefore, for these flower beds it is customary to choose plants that are decorative throughout the season - from early spring to late autumn. And special attention is paid to perennial front gardens blooming in the spring. Like primroses, they bring us special joy, because after a dull winter, as never before, I want bright colors and colors. Universal plants that look good even after flowering in the spring are not uncommon. In this article, we offer to get acquainted with the best textured and constantly decorative perennials that bloom in the spring and do not require special care.

The 5 most unpretentious perennials for a front garden blooming in spring. @ Sue Gaviller

1. Aquilegia Canadian

Charming watersheds have always been considered indispensable in the design of shaded areas. Introducing mystery and special magic, charming pillows of carved leaves and flowers similar to elven caps, flowers will not spoil any design. But there are genuine stars among aquilegia - unusual, lush and surprisingly bright. One of these stars is North American Aquilegia Canadian.

Aquilegia canadian (Aquilegia canadensis). @ Janet Davis

Unlike conventional hybrid aquilegia, the Canadian can not boast of a wide variety. These plants are usually painted in red-brown shades and create fairly large bushes with easily recognizable, brightly colored leaves.

In addition to the base plant, we have only one variety distributed - Little Lantens (Little lanterns) with a bright orange-red color of flowers in multi-flowered inflorescences. And one decorative form - Nana (subsp. Nana), shorter and earlier flowering than ordinary Canadian aquilegia.

Canadian aquilegia is a rather large and fast-growing herbaceous perennial with bushes up to 80 cm high. A powerful root system does not suppress other crops, but allows the formation of spreading, wide, dense bushes and beautiful dense massifs.

Reddish or green, shoots are very thin and stable. Twice triple-dissected, with a rich, bright dark green color, glowing light green shades in the sun, with a bluish back, the leaves of this aquilegia seem surprisingly lacy.

Single, up to 4-5 cm in diameter, drooping, with a long spur and pointed petals, the flowers seem narrower than those of usual aquilegia. Unique muffled, scarlet, brick shades of red sepals are emphasized by yellow petals and yellow stamens hanging from the throat.

The flowering period of Canadian aquilegia falls at the end of the calendar spring and lasts only 1 month. Depending on the weather, the first flowers bloom in mid or late May. In early spring, amazing bright shades of young greenery seem no less valuable decoration of the front garden than the flowering that follows.

The Canadian aquilegia places very noble accents in the compositions, elegant, bright and conspicuous. She is especially good in the company of stones and in non-hot, secluded places, surprisingly emphasizing the beauty of evergreen crops and plants with elongated, xiphoid and linear leaves.

Aquilegia Canadian "Little Lantens". @ Allegro Aquilegia Canadian "Nana". @ Ghislain118 (AD)

Conditions for growth and care of the Canadian aquilegia

The love of light soils is more pronounced in Canadian aquilegia than in other plants, but it feels good on ordinary loams, provided that when planting in the soil, additional sand was added for loosening.

Like all aquilegia, the Canadian loves partial shade and diffuse lighting, but when irrigated in drought, it can settle even in sunny places on the front garden. One top dressing a year - in early spring, after the start of growth and cutting of flower stalks - these are all points of the Canadian aquilegia care program.

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