How to propagate strawberries with a mustache correctly?


As you know, everything rises in price, and so the price of seedlings of your favorite garden strawberries (or strawberries, as you like) also jumped up and bit the family budget. But strawberry beds for more than four, a maximum of five years in the same place there is no point in keeping, so gardeners are forced to go to nurseries for new seedlings. And in vain, seedlings of even newfangled F1 hybrids can be grown on your own site with your own hands, it's not so difficult. In this publication, we will talk about all this in detail.

Strawberry Mustache.


Mustache propagation of strawberries - it's just

The most effective way to increase the area of ​​a strawberry plantation or (which is much better) to completely renew it is to propagate it with a mustache. For strawberry gardening, this is quite acceptable, it is a pity that not all varieties give a mustache, but still the vast majority give a mustache (with the exception of remontans).

In the process of growth, strawberries grow daughter rosettes located on long stems with leaves. It is desirable to select the most well-developed and best-developed daughter plants, without defects, and to root them in a new place in loose, moist and nutritious soil that is as devoid of weeds as possible. Then, literally before our eyes, a new bush of strawberries will grow, from which it will be possible to taste the berries for the next season.

Benefits of Strawberry Propagation by Mustache

If we compare the propagation of strawberries with a garden mustache with planting it by preliminary sowing seeds and growing seedlings, then the first method has a lot of advantages. Of course, additional premises are not needed for growing seedlings, boxes or boxes, soil, you do not need to spend considerable time waiting for seedlings to emerge, care for them, pick, plant in the soil and carefully grow - all this will be the breeders' lot.

But when propagating strawberries with a mustache - only advantages. Absolutely all plants take root in skillful hands, because we separate them from the mother bushes with roots, that is, they are actually independent, they only feed in two ways - both through the roots and through the “umbilical cord” of the mother bush. In addition, all varietal traits inherent in the cultivar are completely preserved (in contrast to propagation by the method of sowing seeds), since the set of genes in the mother plant and in its shoot-mustache is the same.

There is even evidence that gardeners who tried to propagate the newfangled F1 strawberry hybrids in this way were also completely successful. In this case, vegetative offspring with the complete transfer of parental traits is obtained, but when sowing seeds this will not work. Some of these seedlings may be exact copies of parental forms, but, alas, far from all.

Strawberry garden is best propagated by a mustache.

The optimal time for propagation of strawberries with a mustache

Now let's talk about a suitable time for propagation of strawberry garden mustache. This is the summer period. It is very important to try to plant the mustache separated from the mother plants and plant them in the soil and let them take root before the end of July or at least until the first days of August.

Only in this way the root system of the mustache will quickly gain growth, vegetative mass will develop, the plants will begin to develop actively by the winter period, by which, by and large, is not so far, the strawberries will be already strong, with a well-developed root system. Such a strawberry will endure winter, either completely without loss, or with insignificant ones, which usually happens with a poorly developed mustache, if the gardener decides to plant them.

Given all of the above, try to set aside time and outline outlets on your favorite strawberry bushes (for example, with thin strips of colored ribbon).

We described the ideal option with a strawberry mustache and a case of timing, but far from all the beds are not always ideal, and during the summer, not every gardener will be able to collect enough mustaches to plant a new plantation or expand the old one in the summer , in suitable and described by us terms. Then it is completely acceptable to do otherwise, and if you planned to separate the mustache in the current season, then long before it starts, start preparing for it.

The right mother bush

So, even a season before you plan to separate the layering from a strawberry bush, it can be noted by isolating it from the total mass. Inspect it, look closely at those rosettes from which the majority of the largest and the same-sized berries were obtained (naturally, and delicious). If this is so, then why not tie a scarlet ribbon to this bush or stick a peg with the same ribbon next to it?

In addition, many gardeners try to kill two birds with one stone, they buy expensive strawberry seedlings and try their best to get berries and mustaches from it (allowing literally all mustaches to grow, because this is a precious planting material, they say), which often leads to corny severe depletion of the bush and its long restoration.

But in order to collect strawberries and grow a normal, and not an insane amount of mustaches, you need to tolerate only a year, giving the uterine bushes normal fertility. All you need to do is to postpone the breeding season to the next year, but during this time, observing the bushes, you can easily determine those rosettes that will give the maximum yield.

Next year, leave only a couple of antennae on the plant, you can have three, and remove the rest mercilessly, however, like flower stalks, this will allow the plant to redirect all its energy to the formation of seedlings, which are fully developed.

The right choice of mother bush is the key to healthy strawberry seedlings.

Mustache propagation options for strawberries at the wrong time

It is well known that enough time should pass from the timing of planting strawberry seedlings and the activity of the development of the root system to the onset of the winter period so that the roots are fully formed and they would not be afraid of winter cold.

But far from always, we have enough time for this, other worries burst in, some more urgent matters and deadlines are shifted, what should I do? There is one reliable option to remedy the situation - first propagate strawberry seedlings in pots (but in this case there is no place to leave without pots and pots), having grown it initially in the loose and nutritious soil of the pot, and then transplanted into place at the right time.

Growing mustache in potted strawberries

Reproduction in pots only at first glance seems difficult, but in fact it is even fun. First you need to buy pots from the cheapest plastic with a drainage hole inside (for seedlings), then dig in the garden of loose and nutritious soil or just buy a couple of kilograms of humus and mix it with garden soil, laying it somewhere in the corner of the garden.

We don’t need it yet, let it get wet in the rain. As soon as the new season starts, from the bushes that we allotted earlier, feel free to delete all the flower stalks, because we are waiting for the children in the form of daughter sockets, and we are not going to enjoy berries from these bushes now. Leave only the three most powerful and well-developed whiskers, boldly delete the rest: we no longer need them and will only pull on ourselves the food.

Remember the trick - strawberries of the second and third order are usually much weaker than those that are located closest to the mother plant (bush). Knowing this, you can safely cut the mustache in such a way that after the first daughter bush there remains the so-called process, that is, the tail, which is only a couple of centimeters long.

After that, you can pick up the pots, wipe them from the inside with 1% potassium permanganate (you never know) and carefully fill them with the soil that was prepared and stacked in the garden. By the way, if such a soil does not suit you and it seems excessively simple, then you can fill the pots with a different mixture, nutritious and rich in organic matter. For example, my friends always use a compost mixture, mixing it with sawdust and garden soil in equal proportions.

We go further, since we have chosen a pot, then a strawberry rosette can be transplanted into it, without even separating it from the mother plant. Just moisten the soil in the pot, make a deepening and carefully transplant the outlet into the container, leaving the seedlings in the same place (that is, near the plant). The main thing here is to water daily, without over-moistening the soil, but also not allowing it to dry out. And so with every pot and socket, do you think it’s difficult? Not at all. What's the point of this? By the time of the transplant, the child sockets will look just perfect!

Growing mustache in pots.

Preparation of beds for planting strawberries

When choosing the usual method of propagation with a mustache (without pots), it is necessary to choose the strongest, most powerful, well-developed rosettes, but from those that have not yet begun to take root (sometimes it hurts, because the roots can be injured).

Next, prepare a new section for strawberries or expand the old one as you wish, the main thing is that the soil on it be loose, soft, airy. First of all, it is dug up onto a full bayonet of shovels with the complete removal of all weed vegetation, then 250-300 g of wood ash per square meter, non-acid peat (a bucket per square meter) and wood sawdust (a bucket per square meter) are brought in and all are carefully dug with forks better mixing and creating the most homogeneous composition. Naturally, if the bed is dry, then it can be watered by carefully moistening and without creating a swamp.

Features of planting strawberry mustache in the open ground

When the bed is ready, we take the sharpest scissors, and cut off the mustache from the mother plant so that the stem of the mother plant remains 18-22 cm long and the foot at the outlet is about one and a half centimeters. The foot in the future will contribute to faster rooting of the mustache, and the stem will protect the bush from drying out.

Then you need to put strawberry seedlings in the soil so that the paw is under the substrate, but the uterine tail sticks out of the soil, often these things are confused, but this is very important. The heart itself should be above the surface, it is impossible to sprinkle the heart with soil, this can be detrimental to the plant. We may have roughly written “place”, but in fact, naturally, the hole digs around, slightly moistened, and a seedling is already placed in it.

After planting, abundant watering is needed, the bed should be literally turned into a swamp, so that nothing prevents the roots from starting to develop under the new conditions as quickly as possible.

If it rains heavily and the roots can be blurred, then above the garden bed, unless of course it is very big, you can install ordinary arcs from a strong wire and pull over the film, the sides for air passage and temperature reduction can be left free.

How to speed up rooting as much as possible?

Imagine that before winter there is already little time and we need maximum acceleration in order to prepare newly planted plants for winter. We water them abundantly (but do not fill them), as well as the garden too. The top layer of the bed is gently loosened so that even the smallest crust does not form and even the smallest weeds do not form (there should simply be perfect cleanliness).

And, of course, top dressing - you cannot do without them. Usually they use a banal nitroammophoska, they dissolve a spoonful of water in a bucket of water and water the plants, spending a square meter on a bucket, this is an ideal top dressing just for seedlings, it has the nitrogen it needs, phosphorus is present, there is also potassium.

Posada on the beds of strawberry mustache.

Planting strawberry seedlings from pots on beds

But there strawberry seedlings have already ripened, boldly cut the pots from the mother plants, cut the cups with scissors and - into the same beds that we have already prepared, always leaving a place of 20-25 cm between the bushes.

By the way, do not forget that from the pots in a loose environment the substrate can settle, and sometimes quite strongly. This can lead to the exposure of the foot, and it is precisely she who must form additional roots. The roots themselves can also be exposed, because in the cups by that time they may well have already formed.

What to do? It is necessary to dig a small hole before planting the seedling from the pot, pour it with a small amount of water to only moisten the substrate, and gently but surely squeeze the seedlings inward, squeezing with your fingers, so that in the end it appears as if it had grown earlier.

Then, after a week, walk with a chopper and gently loosen all the strawberry plants, only slightly sprinkling the soil so that there are no bare roots, and in some places you can sprinkle the soil with your hands. The main thing in this case is not to fill the heart with soil and try to make sure that the soil does not even get on it.

Secrets of Strawberry Propagation Mustache

In conclusion, when you have already learned to separate strawberry mustaches and plant them correctly on the site, prepare the soil for them and even grow mustaches in plastic containers, I want to give a couple of valuable tips from yourself.

So, if you do not want to wander around the site every year in search of uterine strawberry bushes, then simply select several plants with the most delicious berries, henceforth removing flower stalks from them so that all these forces direct their efforts to the growth of mustaches, and thus multiply the specimens you like. Or create one row of mother liquor, but this is if you need a lot of seedlings, and this is already a profitable business, especially if you have good varieties.

Do not forget that the best time to transplant strawberry mustache to the bed is the very last days of the hot July and until mid-September, but remember: the longer you tighten the time, the more must use pots for growing mustache in the way that we described .

Do not make almost the most common mistake of the majority of summer residents and homeowners: they, for some unknown reason, stop watering strawberry plots immediately after harvesting or after planting a mustache on it. Few of them realize that this is the best time for the formation of flower stalks and laying the future crop - moisture is needed, and a mustache without water will dry up and die.

And now I will list a list of strawberry varieties that do not give a mustache or give them very little - these are the varieties:

  • "Baby Elephant" (gives a mustache, but not enough and they are short),
  • "Ruyan" (does not give a mustache at all),
  • "Torpedo" (you won’t get a lot of mustaches, although they will be),
  • Rusich (also gives a little mustache)
  • "Lyubasha" (does not form a mustache),
  • "Baron Solemacher" (does not form a mustache),
  • Zolotinka (does not form a mustache)
  • "Fragrant basket" (does not form a mustache),
  • "Snow White" (does not form a mustache).

The mustache is not formed mainly by the repairing varieties of strawberry, but whether you need it, and whether such varieties are needed, I don’t know yet. Therefore, write your opinion about this in the comments, everyone will be interested!