The 12 most delicious sweet pepper varieties and hybrids I have grown


Our family loves bell peppers, which is why we grow various varieties and hybrids every year. Most of them have been tested by me for more than one season, I plant them constantly. And every year I try to try something new. Pepper is a thermophilic plant and quite whimsical. The varieties and hybrids of tasty and fruitful sweet pepper, which grows well with me, will be discussed further.

The 12 most delicious sweet pepper varieties and hybrids I have grown

But first, I need to talk about my conditions for growing vegetables. I live in central Russia. Our summer is not always hot, often the weather changes dramatically. Therefore, I grow peppers indoors, mainly under arcs with covering material, sometimes in a greenhouse.

Our family is always waiting for the peppers to bear fruit. We are pleased to use the first crop for the preparation of various dishes: in salads, for slicing and stuffing. Therefore, I always try to plant several varieties that are light in color at the so-called harvest maturity stage. It is noticed that peppers of dark green color are slightly bitter.

1. Sweet pepper, grade "Peak NK"

My favorite, tested for more than one season, pepper "Peak NK" ("Peak NK 2000"). This is the variety that they say: "when you plant, you will always be with the crop." He is very unpretentious, productive, bears fruit in any, even the worst summer. For its unpretentiousness, this variety is recommended for cultivation in most regions of our country.

The ripening variety is medium early. In height - medium-sized plants, I grow them under arcs.

A variety of bouquet type - the fruits "look" up. A lot of peppers are always tied, the yield of this variety is decent. The fruits are not so large in size, but the walls are about 5-7 mm thick. This size of peppers and wall thickness are great for cooking stuffed dishes.

At the stage of harvest ripeness, peppers are yellowish in color, and when ripening, they turn red. I highly recommend this variety of peppers - delicious, it can be used in different ways - fresh, for preparing various dishes, canning.

2. Sweet pepper, grade "Freckle"

I plant the Freckle pepper every year for its early maturing and great taste. The fruits of Freckles are very juicy, tasty and with a wonderful aroma. They are great for preparing various dishes, canning and freezing. But most of all, we just eat them fresh.

Ripe peppers are orange, with incomplete ripening, the color of the fruit is dark green. Prismatic fruits, large enough, weighing about 150 grams, walls about 7 mm thick. The variety shows good productivity, a lot of peppers are always tied. According to the description, the yield is up to 11 kg / m2. Variety of sweet pepper "Freckle" is adapted to grow under adverse growing conditions.

3. Sweet pepper, variety "California Miracle"

Another great variety is the California Miracle. Every year I plant it for its incomparable taste and aroma. We mainly eat it fresh, for harvesting it practically does not remain. The variety is very good for freezing, even when frozen, slices of peppers remain fragrant.

The fruits are cuboid in shape, not very large, they are unripe green, and when ripe, they turn red. The size of the pepper wall is from 4 to 5 mm. The variety is quite productive, up to 10 fruits are simultaneously poured on the plant.

Peppers are medium-tall in height; I grow them under arcs. According to reviews, this variety needs enhanced mineral nutrition and not every soil is suitable for it. My growing California Miracle is not a problem.

Sweet pepper, grade "Peak NK". Sweet pepper, grade "Freckle". Sweet pepper, grade "California Miracle".

4. Sweet pepper, grade "Athlete"

Another time-tested variety of sweet pepper - "Athlete". Suitable for planting in greenhouses under the film, I also grow it under arcs with covering material. The plants are strong, up to 70 cm high. The variety is medium in maturity.

Unripe peppers are light green, and then turn bright red. Peppers weighing up to 180 grams, walls of medium thickness, approximately 5 mm.

Advantages of this variety: a good stable crop, resistance to disease damage and high quality peppers. They are very tasty, well transported and stored.

5. Sweet pepper, hybrids "Red ...", "Yellow ..." or "Orange bull"

Every year I try to plant one of these hybrids: Red Bull, Yellow Bull, or Orange Bull. These hybrids are similar: very productive, tasty, well stored. In my unheated room, they can be stored fresh until mid-late October.

I specifically plant more of them to extend the season of consumption of peppers. About the same amount of peppers of the Orange Miracle variety are stored in me, I will talk about it later.

All three varietal varieties of "bulls" are very similar - they differ in enviable productivity (up to 18 kg / m2) and excellent taste. Their most important feature is the size of the fetus and the shape of the pepper. The fruits of these peppers are very large, grow to a length of 20-25 cm, weighing about 200 grams, but often there are specimens and much larger. The thickness of the walls of the fetus is up to 8 mm.

These peppers are high, they need a garter to the support. Otherwise, during the fruiting period, the bushes will not withstand the mass of fruits. Often when growing, the lowest fruits literally rest against the soil. To avoid decay, I mulch the ground around the bushes with sawdust or grass and more often check the condition of the lower fruits.

In the middle lane, they work best in greenhouses, where they bear fruit until late fall.

6. Sweet pepper, hybrid "Cockatoo F1"

Unusual elongated fruit has another very interesting hybrid of sweet pepper - "Cockatoo F1".

It can be accurately identified among other varieties by the shape of the fruit. Peppers are large, weighing up to 200 grams. These peppers are long, as it is written in the description of the variety, they are of a trunk-like shape, grow up to 25-30 cm. The position of the peppers on the plant is drooping. Because of their size, they also often rest against the ground, so it is advisable to mulch the soil beneath them.

In the harvest ripeness stage, the fruits are dark green, when fully ripened, they turn red. Wall size (pericarp) up to 6 mm, this is not the most thick-walled pepper. But it is appreciated more for its taste. These peppers have a special pungent flavor. Therefore, having tried to plant it once, now I plant it every year, at least a couple of bushes.

I grow a "cockatoo" under arcs, plant it freely. The bushes are very spreading, planting density - 2 plants per 1 meter. Otherwise, you may not achieve the declared high yield.

Sweet pepper, grade "Athlete". Sweet pepper, yellow bull hybrid. Sweet pepper, hybrid "Cockatoo F1".

7. Sweet pepper, grade "Nobleman"

Another proven over the years sweet pepper variety with very large, up to 300 grams, fruits. Prismatic fruits, when ripe - yellow, in harvest ripening peppers are light green. The wall is 6-8 mm thick. Peppers are sweet, juicy, extremely tasty. The description of the declared yield up to 7 kg / m2. But in fact, my productivity is always much higher, the plants are literally covered with fruits. I grow this variety under arcs.

8. Sweet pepper, hybrid "Bon Appetite F1"

I have been planting this bell pepper for several seasons. The hybrid is very productive, with large, up to 200 grams, fruits. Fruits of a cuboid shape, with a thick wall - up to 8 mm. The seeds of this pepper are in the series "Yummy", which is true. Peppers are very juicy and sweet to taste.

Fruits are good fresh, stuffed, in preparations. "Bon Appetite" is characterized by high productivity. On a fairly compact bush, up to 10 peppers are simultaneously poured.

The hybrid is mid-season, bears fruit until the cold. Can be grown in open ground or in a greenhouse.

9. Sweet pepper, hybrid "Orange Wonder F1"

Of the fairly new varieties and hybrids, I was very impressed with the hybrid Orange Wonder F1.

It combines all the attractive qualities of bell pepper: early ripening, taste, large-fruited and unpretentiousness. I planted him two seasons in a row, and both times he showed remarkable results.

Due to its unpretentiousness, the hybrid can be grown both in unprotected soil and in greenhouses or greenhouses. This pepper is suitable for growing in almost all regions of the country.

The fruits of the "Orange Miracle" are large, cuboid in shape, weighing up to 210 grams, wall thickness up to 1 cm.

When ripe peppers acquire a very beautiful bright orange hue. The taste of peppers is wonderful, the flesh is tender and juicy. The use of peppers is universal.

Productive hybrid, according to the description, productivity under film shelters up to 10 kg / m2.

Sweet pepper, grade "Nobleman". Sweet pepper, hybrid "Bon Appetite F1". Sweet pepper, hybrid "Orange Wonder F1".

10. Sweet pepper, hybrid "Pharaoh F1"

Another very promising hybrid of bell pepper early ripening, very unpretentious. Suitable for cultivation in protected ground and without shelter. I liked the hybrid for its taste and productivity.

I grew it under arcs with covering material. Peppers are large enough, weighing 120-160 grams, the thickness of the pericarp is 7-8 mm. In technical ripeness, the peppers were yellowish in color, fully ripened, turned red. I liked the taste of peppers, as well as the versatility of their use.

Harvested from this pepper harvested good. Claimed yield 4.5 kg s / m2but in fact I have collected much more.

11. Sweet pepper, grade "Apricot favorite"

Another pepper that I liked. This is a variety, not a hybrid, in terms of ripening - early. The variety was liked for the interesting bright orange color of peppers (in the stage of harvest ripeness they were light green). The fruits are not the largest - up to 120 grams, wall thickness up to 7 mm. But they are unusually tasty, juicy, you can use them for any purpose - fresh or for cooking various dishes and canning.

The bushes are small in height, up to 50 cm. In the description, unpretentiousness and stability of fruiting are noted in any conditions. I will try to plant this variety again to make sure of its qualities under various growing conditions.

12. Sweet pepper, hybrid "Star of the Orient Chocolate F1"

Pepper "Star of the East Chocolate F1" I planted for the first time last year. I have already tried to grow hybrids from this series, planted "Star of the East Orange", "... Red", "... Mandarin". All these hybrids are early or medium-early, with high yields and large tasty fruits.

Last year I decided to try chocolate peppers from this series. I really liked the pepper. The fruits were large, at least 200 grams, some much more. In technical ripeness, the peppers were dark green; upon ripening, they acquired an unusual dark brown color.

The thickness of the pericarp of these peppers is about 10 mm. They taste great: juicy and tasty. Peppers of such an unusual color are good in salads, sliced ​​and lecho along with other multi-colored varieties. These peppers, it turns out, are just as well stored in a cool room. So next year I’ll plant more of them. Harvest of pepper from these plants was good, in terms of ripening, this hybrid is mid-ripening.

Sweet pepper, hybrid "Pharaoh F1". Sweet pepper, grade "Apricot favorite." Sweet pepper, hybrid "Star of the East chocolate F1".

All of these varieties and hybrids I will definitely plant this season and get something else new. And what varieties and hybrids of sweet pepper do you grow, dear readers? Tell us in the comments to the article!