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Autumn flowers for container garden


When autumn comes into its own, the garden changes every day. The bright parade of shrubs and trees and the fast withering of plants, which until recently seemed to be the center of universal attention, change the appearance of not only garden panoramas. On the terrace, in the recreation area, on balconies, in small and large pottery gardens, the very first cold snap leads to an irreversible loss of the best beautifully flowering stars. Empty places in street flowerpots remind of the past summer. But there are plants that manage to fill in the gaps and re-color their favorite flower girls with bright colors.

Autumn flowers for container garden.


Autumn flowers as a salvation for empty flower girls

Autumn for all types of potted, container and hanging compositions is considered far from the most stellar season. It’s sad to watch the gradual departure from the garden scene of your favorite mobile compositions and bright spots. But inaction is not necessary at all: as for any other season, and for autumn, nature has its own colors. Plants that can decorate flowerpots and flower pots at the end of the garden season may not be able to boast of quantity, but they are irreplaceable and unique in their own way.

The assortment of autumn plants is often overlooked, considering them uninteresting. After all, it is not for nothing that it is the pilots who rule the ball in flower girls and planters. Only a few of the most persistent species, pleasing relentless flowering all summer, with the advent of cold weather and heavy rainfall continue to amuse with their beauty, and only a few are able to cope with the first frosts. But almost always summer plants, even continuing flowering, inevitably lose their attractiveness - they turn pale, dry, slowly wither, fighting for every ray of the gentle autumn sun.

Autumn stars appear on the shelves of flower shops and garden centers at the end of summer, but they are especially vivid about themselves only at the time of mass withering of summer people. Their, it would seem, not so catchy beauty appears against the background of nature preparing for winter in a completely new light. Autumn stars are cultures with a focus on bright autumn colors, the best plants blooming when daylight begins to decline, and selected decorative foliage beauties.

Gold, copper, silver, scarlet, flames of fire - these are the dominant colors of those plants that are happy to save the appearance of potted gardens and large flower girls. And the colors of precious metals, beautiful textures, patterns and lace among them are much more common than bright colors.

The autumn stars of the container garden are cultures with a focus on vibrant autumn colors.

Traditional autumn stars for street pots

The brightest container stars of the fall are still flowering plants - those species that transform flower beds and counters with their bush-like bushes. Chrysanthemums, asters, echinacea, rudbeckia - these are just a few candidates for vacant seats in street pots.

Seasonal favorites of chrysanthemums and asters do not even have to be planted in the containers themselves - they can simply be placed in empty containers or next to them, additionally decorated. Dazzling lemon, golden, crimson, pink, white, lilac, cherry - the colors of these stars, everyone can choose according to their taste. They will hold on until the last chance to stay in the garden and will delight you with unprecedented bright colors.

Winter violets are becoming more and more popular with us - the special varieties of tricolor, alpine, horned with miniature flowers that appear on sale along with chrysanthemums, from the beauty of which you can not take your eyes off.

Among purely seasonal plants - summers and biennials - decorative sunflowers and decorative varieties of cabbage remain absolute favorites. They are good in open soil, but also in potted form they cannot be found equal. Just one rosette of bright cabbage is able to replace several summers. And putting them in a checkerboard pattern, you can create an amazing, not afraid even of the beginning of winter patterned composition in a large stone flower girl.

A unique charm in street flowerpots in the fall will be made by the lunar, as well as the Esholziya Californian, which can withstand light frosts, are not afraid of frost up to -5 ° С snapdragons, morning glory, sweet potato, coleus, multifolia nasturtium, amaranth, sour and marigold. Parsley and dill greens suddenly look fresh in street flowerpots, which will not lose their beauty even after the first frosts come.

In autumn, plants come to the fore, which many underestimate as a candidate for decorating flower girls - representatives of heathers. Their season starts only in September, when on the shelves in small pots with all shades of noble purple, amazingly graceful, hardy and such textured Erica and heathers with their elegant bushes dazzle.

In street flowerpots, they look amazingly beautiful and replace the leaving petunias and their Co with their strict northern beauty, as if anticipating the imminent arrival of winter and adding to the compositions of Scandinavian charm.

The list of plants that can become part of the autumn floral arrangement in the container is impressive.

Perennials from the open ground in autumn container compositions

The list of seasonal top-ups for outdoor flowerpots is not limited to classics only. Many garden perennials, especially if they are separated in the fall, will happily settle in a street flowerpot - even if only temporarily.

You can enter such elegant bushes in the composition: Veronica Hebe; pacific ayah; lemon thyme; loosestrife; saxifrage; cmin; the godson; sage; milkweed; stonecrops; loosestrife monetized; Geicher and Geycherelli; clammy; incense; lofant; young; St. John's wort Orostachis wormwood; survivors; cleanser; sedges, ozinii, calamus, penisetum, fescue and other bright decorative cereals that are transformed in the fall.

Do not forget about those plants that delight with autumn flowering in the clearings and flower beds in the garden. The dazzling blue of the gentian, the graceful bushes of cyclamens and the touching inflorescences of autumn crocuses are good not only in flower beds. Plants that are moved on time in pots or planted with other perennials in outdoor flowerpots will appear to be exclusive stars of the autumn garden.

Miniature and sheared shrubs and tree trees are always appropriate in street pots in the fall. Small box boxwood, holly, decorative peppers, gaulteria, calocephallus, Japanese skimmy, hydrangeas, rhododendrons, dwarf pine or spruce, young yew or thuja, which will replenish the collection of frame accents, can be moved and rearranged, changing their role. Many potted plants are planted in tubs and bought just in the fall, and they can be used as temporary accents in potted compositions.

But if you are looking for an evergreen plant that will decorate street flowerpots even when the garden is already chained with the breath of winter, then it's time to recall the unique talents of ivies. Their luxurious leaves and flexible shoots are able to make completely inimitable elegant accents in any potted and container composition. And even under the snow, the classical beauty of these garden wagons will not lose its significance.

To enhance the beauty of the autumn stars of pottery gardens and flower arrangements, additional decor will help.

Practical nuances of the autumn transformation of street flowerpots

There are rules for filling street pots with new autumn plants, especially if there are no previous inhabitants there: compositions are made in such a way as to achieve the greatest variety of shapes and textures. The color scheme may remain harmonious, but the plants should stand out clearly against the background of their neighbors.

To enhance the beauty of the autumn stars of pottery gardens and flower arrangements, additional decor will help. Woodpile, bright dry leaves instead of mulch, an old basket full of apples, bright pumpkins, colorful fabrics tied to containers, a scattering of cones or nuts, dry bouquets or sheaves of hay, candles, lanterns are small tricks that will add autumnal charm to your garden and emphasize the beauty of the selected plants.

That autumn compositions in street flowerpots pleased before the advent of winter, plants should be taken care of. In case of unexpected severe frosts, it is better to have supplies at hand for temporary shelter. Simple coasters for pots that prevent containers from contacting with cold paving, an elegant “fur coat” around the flower girl and a high layer of mulch will help prolong the season and insulate containers.