Tomatoes of the Bi-Color group are the most unusual and sweet


Among the modern variety of tomato varieties, most of us distinguish only two groups: indeterminate (those that have unlimited growth) and determinant ones that independently stop in development. However, in fact, the tomato world is divided into wider and more diverse "clans", which are not only interesting, but also useful to know. Tomatoes are divided according to the method of growing, according to ripening time, according to leaf shape, according to fruit shape, size, color ... Today I want to talk about varieties that form the most colorful group under the beautiful name "Bi-color" (Bi-color).

Tomatoes of the Bi-Color group are the most unusual and sweet.

What kind of bi-color tomatoes are they?

The mark "Bi-color" in the name of a tomato or on a bag with seeds indicates an unusual coloring of the variety, both external and its pulp. A combination of two saturated shades is observed in the fruit section of such varieties: yellow and pink, red and orange, green and purple, white and raspberry ... At the same time, bi-color is also present in the skin color, not in the form of stripes, this is a separate group, but in areas which makes them surprisingly beautiful both in the garden and in the salad.

It would be possible to immediately go on to the description of the agrotechnology of these tomatoes, but no - bi-colors deserve admiration not only because of their expressive variegation. In most cases, they are characterized by juicy pulp, rich taste, low acid content, increased sweetness and rich aroma! Thanks to what they are used both for fresh consumption, and for salting, cooking sauces, pastes and juices.

But that is not all. Almost all tomatoes in this group are large-fruited (their weight is from 400 to 1000 g), have an expressive flat-round shape (sometimes heart-shaped) and are characterized by high productivity.

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Features of agrotechnology of tomatoes of the Bi-Color group

In care, the tomatoes of the Bi-Color group practically do not differ from ordinary ones. All of them are tall (from 1.2 to 2-2.5 m), so they need a garter. In most cases, they have a powerful bush development, which requires regular pinching. They can be grown both in open ground and in a greenhouse.

However, among bi-colors there are many varieties with late ripening, which is why it is worth carefully choosing varieties for their conditions. Many of them react poorly to shading, so you need to plant them in the sunniest place. And in some varieties, against the background of excellent taste, the yield is not very high - here you really need to choose which is more important.

Tomato "Orange Rashan" (Orange Russian)

Varieties of two-color tomatoes

Today there is a very wide selection of tomatoes with bicolor flesh and heterogeneously colored skin. Moreover, you can find mainly red varieties, and yellow, orange, green, white. Both completely sweet and with a slight sourness, with an exotic flavor. Here is some of them.

Tomato "Orange Rushan"

"Orange Russian" (Orange russian) is one of the most famous varieties of the Bi-Color group. It is entered in the State registry. It is appreciated for early ripening, high productivity, unpretentiousness.

Indeterminant. It reaches a height of 2 m. The fruits are yellow-red heart-shaped, weighing up to 400 g. Sweet, fleshy, juicy.

Tomato "Hertsak yellow"

Hartsack Yellow (Hartsack Yellow, USA) can be found at collectors. Early. Indeterminate. The bushes reach a height of 1.7 m. The fruits are orange with a pink blush, flat-round. Tasty, sweet, fragrant. The first weighing 150 g, the following up to 350 g. High productivity.

Tomato "Grendma Veneys Hello End Pink"

Tomato "Yellow-pink grandmother Vinay" (Grandma viney's yellow and pink) is a collection variety of medium maturity. Indeterminate. It reaches a height of 1.5-1.8 m. The fruits are flat-round. The color of the tomato is displayed in the title. Weight from 300 to 400 g. The taste is sweet, in sufficient sun - without sourness. The section color is marble with yellow-pink tints. Subject to agricultural technology, the variety shows a very high yield.

Tomato "Grandma Vineyss End and Pink" (Grandma Viney's Yellow and Pink).

Tomato "Grapefruit"

Grapefruit Tomato (Pampelmuse) actually looks like a grapefruit! Fruits are yellow with a raspberry blush. In the section, the flesh has a marble color with yellow-crimson hues.

The plant is indeterminate, reaches a height of 1.8-2 m. The ripening period is late. The shape of the fetus is flat round. The mass of tomatoes is from 200 to 1000 g. Despite the average yield and late ripening, the variety is a favorite among many gardeners who have tried it. Why? Due to the very harmonious taste!

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Tomato "Mogeche Lefte"

Mortgage, Mortgage lifter, "Radiator Charlie" (Mortgage Lifter, USA) is the same native of the United States as the previous varieties. However, with a very unusual story! He was brought out by a car mechanic, a man without an agronomic education, which allowed him to pay a huge mortgage at that time!

Mid-season. Indeterminate. Harvest. In the greenhouse reaches 2.2 m. Fruits are flat-round yellow-orange with red blurry spots and a red cap. Mass up to 500 g. Not very juicy, but sweet and fragrant.

Tomato "Pepemint"

Tomato "Mint" (Peppermint) medium maturity. Indeterminate. It grows in excess of 2 m in the greenhouse. The fruits are flat-round, yellow-orange with a pink blush. In the context of yellow-pink. Mass up to 500 g. Have an exotic aftertaste. In ripening, the taste improves. The variety is fruitful.

Grapefruit tomato (Pampelmuse). Tomato "Mogeche Left" (Mortgage Lifter, USA). Tomato "Peppermint" (Peppermint).

Tomato "Cherokee papel"

"Purple Cherokee" (Cherokee purple) - one of the most amazing aronia tomatoes. Mid-season. Indeterminate. It grows to 1.5-1.8 m. Harvest. Fruits are brownish-purple, juicy, sweet with a wine smack and smoky aroma. Mass up to 300 g.

Tomato "Basinda bi-color"

"Basinga" (Basinga bi-color) - a very productive variety of medium maturity. Indeterminate. The plant is powerful, tall, in the greenhouse grows up to 2.3 m. The fruits are flat-round, orange-pink, the flesh is red-pink. Fleshy. Not juicy. Sweet, fruity. Mass up to 700 g.

Tomato "Cherokee papel" (Cherokee Purple).

Other varieties and hybrids of bi-color tomatoes

In addition to the listed varieties, the Bi-Color group also includes:

  • "Mamot German Gold" (Mammoth german gold),
  • Hazel mae
  • Oaxacan Jewel,
  • Lucky Cross (Lucky cross),
  • "Village" (Hilbilly),
  • Tuxhorns Red End Yellow (Tuxhorn's red and yellow),
  • "Polish pastel" (Polish pastel),
  • Kepteyn Lucky (Captain lucky),
  • Wall Lay,
  • "Northern Lights" (Northern lights),
  • Big Rainbow (Big rainbow),
  • Olympic flame
  • "The mystery of nature",
  • "Orange Orangutan" (Orange orangutan),
  • "The Rusted Heart of Everett" (Everett's Rusty Oxheart),
  • Texas Star
  • Golden Pineapple (Golden pineapple),
  • "Gold medal" (Gold medal),
  • The Bethlehem Fire
  • The Great Lemon Oxhart (Huge lemon oxheart),
  • "A pineapple" (Pineapple),
  • Old German (Old german) and many others.

Dear readers! If you are already growing or growing bi-color tomatoes at your site, share their agricultural experience and taste in the comments to the article.