Green Cherry - useless exotic or delicious tomatoes?


Miniature cherry tomatoes have a very rich color palette, in which green-fruit varieties and hybrids stand out. The peculiarity of these tomatoes is that they remain greenish even after they are fully ripe. It would seem, why confuse the ranks of tomatoes, because it is much more convenient to determine ripeness by eye? However, in such varieties, in addition to exotic appearance, there are many advantages and advantages. I will tell you about the advantages of green-fruit cherry tomatoes and the varieties we love, in the article.

Green Cherry - useless exotic or delicious tomatoes?

Benefits of Green Cherry Tomatoes

First of all, cherry with green fruits is distinguished by a non-standard exotic appearance. Of course, there are conservatives among gardeners who want vegetables to always have the very standard look that everyone is used to.

However, there are many experimenters among gardeners, and green cherry tomatoes are just the perfect option for those who want "something like that." In this case, external pretentiousness is achieved not at the cost of deterioration in taste or useful properties.

Most green cherry tomatoes have a very pleasant sweet taste with an original fruity aftertaste. And if it is very easy to get into tasteless cherry tomatoes of other varieties, then in the case of green fruits, such situations are a rare exception. Most gardeners always give them high marks.

The green color of these tomatoes is due to the high content of chlorophyll in their pulp. This substance has a positive effect on human health.

Green cherry tomatoes are a real find for people allergic to red fruits and vegetables, they are allowed to nursing mothers.

Almost all varieties of green fruit cherry belong to early ripe varieties, which allows you to get a crop in a short time.

According to my personal observations, green cherry tomatoes are less susceptible to cracking under adverse weather conditions or irregular watering.

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It is best to determine the ripeness of green cherry by touch.

Green cherry flaws

Compared with the advantages, the disadvantages of such varieties are much smaller, however, some disadvantages of green cherry still exist:

  • It is not always easy to find seeds. Currently, green cherry tomatoes are still rare in our market. In most cases, these are varieties of Western selection and you can find them only in online stores from collectors.
  • It can be difficult to determine their maturity. Unlike other colors of cherry, it is not so easy for green tomatoes to determine the phase of the onset of ripeness. Most often, to find out if a green tomato is ready to eat, you will have to touch it. Ripened fruits are quite soft and easy to squeeze with little effort, while unripe ones are much harder than any unripe tomatoes.

Having no experience, you will first have to carefully feel each tomato, but in the future one light touch will be enough to determine whether it is possible to pick a tomato.

In addition, ripe cherry fruits are distinguished by a characteristic skin tone. No matter how green the tomatoes are in the phase of full ripeness, depending on the variety, they become yellowish, orangeish or brownish, and it will not be difficult for the experienced eye to select ready-to-pick tomatoes for the brush.

Unripe tomatoes are not good. If you still accidentally feasted on not fully ripened fruits of green tomatoes, then you didn’t eat the best food for the body. As you know, in tomatoes, as in any representatives of nightshade, contains solanine, which is a toxic substance, but when fully ripened, it is completely destroyed.

Of course, with a couple of small unripe berries you will not be poisoned. But still, it is better to avoid eating unripe tomato fruits without pre-treatment. And when growing green-fruit cherry tomatoes, the risk of accidentally eating immature fruits increases.

The Green Tiger variety has the highest yield among green cherry tomatoes.

The best varieties of green cherry tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes "Orange-Green Zebra"

This variety was created back in the 80s of the 20th century in Washington. In terms of size, it refers to rather large cherry tomatoes, which have recently been called "cocktail tomatoes." The average weight of a berry ranges from 20 to 40 grams.

Cherry Tomatoes "Orange-Green Zebra" (Solanum lycopersicum var. Cerasiforme 'Orange & Green Zebra'). Cherry Tomatoes "Orange-Green Zebra" in a section.

The taste is very pleasant and sweet with tangible fruity notes, like most green tomatoes. These tomatoes are of the indeterminate type and easily reach a height of two meters.

Tomato "Orange-Green Zebra" (Orange & Green Zebra) is very similar to the “Zebra Zebra” variety close to it, but it looks more elegant, standing out with orange accents between the green stripes. In the context, the fruit has a beautiful bright green color.

This cherry variety is early ripe (80-100 days) and very productive. Due to its unique appearance, it is one of the most beloved varieties in children. In addition to its pleasant taste, it also has a sweetish aroma with a light speck.

When the fruits of the Orange-Green Zebra variety are ripe, they become soft to the touch and their color looks a little amber. Orange stripes are much brighter than unripe fruits.

Cherry Tomatoes "Green Tiger"

Tomatoes "Green Tiger" (Green Tiger) - Original green-fruited oblong cherry. The fruit color is very unusual - thin longitudinal strips of dark green color are randomly scattered on a light green background. Before ripening, the main tone has a whitish-green color, and when fully ripened, the berries acquire a golden hue with dark green stripes.

Cherry Tomatoes "Green Tiger" (Solanum lycopersicum var. Cerasiforme 'Green Tiger'). Cherry Tomatoes "Green Tiger" in the context.

The pulp is fleshy of emerald color. The consistency of the fruit is dense, and does not crack even in adverse conditions. But the taste of this variety deserves special attention - it is incredibly sweet, rich, and, possibly, the most fruity among all green-fruit cherry tomatoes.

Productivity is very high - 8-12 tomatoes weighing 30-35 grams are formed in one brush. Thanks to low flaking, brushes can be cut off entirely. In addition, this variety is very unpretentious, quite resistant to weather conditions, and to various diseases of tomatoes.

Tomato "Green Tiger" is an indeterminate tall variety, its shoots grow to a height of 1.8 meters. Ripening early, the first fruits can be consumed 90-95 days after emergence.

Cherry Tomatoes "Green Grapes"

"Green grapes" (Green grape) one of the first cherry tomatoes with green fruits that appeared on the Russian market. It was thanks to him that gardeners learned about the incredible rich sweet taste of green-fruit cherry tomatoes.

Cherry Tomatoes "Green Grape" (Solanum lycopersicum var. Cerasiforme 'Green Grape').

Like all tomatoes with green fruits, the Green Grapes variety has an interesting fruity taste and pleasant aroma. Currently, under the name "Green Grapes" on sale you can find at least two types of green-fruit cherry, which differ in shape - some are more oblong, others are spherical. Which one is the true Green Grapes variety remains a mystery.

But in any case, gardeners most often remain satisfied by planting a particular variety of this variety.

Cherry tomato varieties "Green Grapes" are very prolific and form long brushes, hung with greenish tomatoes. In size, these are classic cherry tomatoes weighing from 10 to 30 grams. Ripening early, before the first fruits ripen, an average of 95-105 days pass.

Tomato bushes of this variety are semi-determinant, that is, they are tall, but usually do not exceed a height of 1.5 meters. You can form them in two or three stems. Fruiting continues until the frost. Resistance to diseases is high.

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Cherry Tomatoes "Atomic Grapes of Breda"

Cherry tomato "Atomic Grapes of Breda" (Brad's atomic grape) One of the most elegant green-fruit cherry, a real tomato - "chameleon". As they mature, the lilac and violet stripes on a green background turn into incredible combinations of olive-green, red, brown and almost black stripes.

Cherry Tomatoes "Atomic Grapes of Bred" (Solanum lycopersicum var. Cerasiforme 'Brad's Atomic Grape'). Cherry Tomatoes "Atomic Grapes of Breda" in a section.

In fact, it is very difficult to say what color the fruit of this variety is. Nevertheless, the brown-green color prevails in its color most often, and the flesh-jelly between the chambers is also green.

Cherry fruits hold well on the stalks, which makes this unique variety also suitable for industrial cultivation. To taste, the fruits are unusually sweet with a touch of tropical fruit. An additional decoration of the bush is thin openwork foliage that looks very delicate.

Foma of the fruit is oval, the size of a tomato can vary from large grapes to small plums (from 20 to 75 grams). Productivity is very high, in one brush 5-10 tomatoes. Ripening early 95-110 days.

By type of growth, the tomato is indeterminate, grows very vigorously and can reach two meters in height. It can be formed into one or two stems. This variety is a winner at the 2017 National Heirloom Expo.

Cherry Tomatoes "Green Pearl"

Cherry Tomato "Green Pearl" (Green Pearl) - eone more good variety of cherry tomatoes with green fruits. Perhaps this particular variety, due to its strong external resemblance, is often confused with cherry "Green Grapes" and sold under its name.

Cherry Tomatoes "Green Pearl" (Solanum lycopersicum var. Cerasiforme 'Green Pearl').

This tomato has a very pleasant sweet taste with a slight acidity and a palpable fruity aftertaste. The one who plants it once, as a rule, decides to grow these cherry trees in the next season.

As it ripens, the light green color changes to olive green for the entire fetus, and the dark green spot near the peduncle begins to stand out more strongly.

Foma of fruits may vary. Usually the first fruits are rounded or slightly oval, later pear-shaped fruits can form. Berries are collected in a simple brush numbering from 5 to 10 pieces, weight 30-10 grams. Tomatoes are crack resistant.

Cherry Tomato "Green Pearl" - a tall, indeterminate cherry height from 1.5 to 2 meters. Resistance to diseases is high. The variety is suitable for both open ground and greenhouses. Ripening dates are early from 100 to 115 days.

Dear readers! In my garden, I certainly plant several varieties of cherry with green fruits every year. And they never let us down. Perhaps having tasted green cherry trees once, you also decide to plant them annually.