9 herbs to relieve anxiety and relieve insomnia


The group of medicinal plants that have a general sedative (sedative) effect includes a large number of aromatic herbs and shrubs. When used correctly, teas and infusions from these plants help to cope with stressful situations, get rid of insomnia, and eliminate or reduce nervous excitement. In addition, on the basis of infusions of medicinal herbs, you can make soothing baths, which are not only pleasant to take, but also beneficial for the nervous system. In this article, we will talk about the nine most interesting, in our opinion, medicinal plants that can be grown on the site without much difficulty.

Cones of ordinary hop (Humulus lupulus)

1. Common hops

Other names common hop (Humulus lupulus) - curly hops, fragrant hops, beer hops.

Perennial, grassy, ​​dioecious, winter-hardy vine. Overhead shoots up to 10 meters high die off with the onset of autumn frosts. The whole plant is covered with hairs and small hard spikes.

The stem is tetrahedral, hollow. The leaf blade in its shape resembles grape leaves. The flowers are very small, light green in color. Flowering begins in July. The root system is powerful, rapidly growing. The thick rhizome has very long subordinate roots.

Hops are very unpretentious, actively growing plant. In small gardens it can be difficult to restrain its “aggressiveness”. The growth rate is very high. Gives self-seeding.

Reproduction methods: division of the rhizome, root offspring, sowing seeds, cuttings.

Hops - a very unpretentious, actively growing plant

Using the healing properties of common hop

For medicinal purposes, cones (female inflorescences) of hops are used. Their collection begins at a time when the cone scales cease to be pure green and acquire a golden color. At the same time, they have a special aroma that not everyone likes. It is necessary to collect together with the stalks, so the cones remain whole. Too "open" cones do not collect, they contain a lot of seeds and few medicinal substances.

Medicines based on hop cones help relieve nervous tension, anxiety.

Decoctions, infusions, herbal teas, for example, with hawthorn flowers, fennel, lemon balm, are prepared from hops.

For cooking decoction, which will help eliminate insomnia, take one tablespoon of chopped hop cones, pour a glass of boiling water and heat in a water bath for 15 minutes, filter after cooling. Take three times a day before meals, a quarter cup.

To improve sleep in the evening, drink warm milk infused with cones (two tablespoons of hops pour a glass of boiling milk, insist 10 minutes, filter) and add a spoonful of honey to it.

Pillows are stuffed with hop cones, and lavender is added to make the aroma pleasant.

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