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Peach Banana Jam - Quick Pectin Jam


Peach jam with bananas is fragrant, thick, healthy and, most importantly, it has half as much sugar as ordinary jam. This is a quick jam with pectin, and pectin powder, as you know, can reduce the sugar content in jam, or even cook it without sugar. Sugar-free jams are sweets that are fashionable these days; they are very popular among supporters of a healthy lifestyle.

Peach Banana Jam - Quick Pectin Jam

Peaches for harvesting can be of any degree of maturity, bananas too. Of spoiled fruits, it is not worth making preparations for the winter, and slightly rumpled and overripe fruits are quite suitable for jam or marmalade.

Jam with pectin is stored as usual in a dry, dark pantry, away from heating appliances.

  • Cooking time: 30 minutes
  • Number: 2 cans of 0.5 l each

Ingredients for Peach Banana Jam

  • 1 kg of peaches;
  • 200 g bananas;
  • 0.5 kg of sugar;
  • 3 teaspoons of pectin powder;
  • 100 water.

The method of preparation of peach jam with bananas

Ripe peaches are placed in a saucepan or colander, thoroughly washed with cold water - wash the fluff off the skin. You can put the fruit in boiling water for a moment, then cool and remove the skin, as with tomatoes. In this case, the jam will turn amber.

Thoroughly wash my peaches

Cut the fruit, remove the seeds, cut the flesh into small slices. If the peach stone is difficult to get, then remove it with a teaspoon, a little pulp will go to waste, but it turns out quickly.

To the chopped peaches, add ripe bananas, cut into circles.

Pour 2 tablespoons of sugar into a separate container, pour the rest of the granulated sugar into a fruit pan.

If there is time, then you can mix the sliced ​​fruit with sugar, leave them for several hours at room temperature, so that they give juice. However, it is faster and easier to add water to the pan.

Cut the flesh of peaches into small slices Add ripe bananas, cut into circles Pour granulated sugar

So, pour 100 ml of boiling filtered or spring water into the pan, shake.

Pour 100 ml of boiling water into the pan, shake

We close the fruits with a lid, put on a stove, heat over medium heat until sugar is completely dissolved. In the process of heating, a lot of juice will stand out, fruit slices will float in syrup.

Heat the fruit under the lid over medium heat until sugar is completely dissolved

Take a submersible blender, grind the ingredients until a thick, uniform fruit puree is obtained.

We return the jam to the stove again, bring to a boil over medium heat. At this stage, I advise you to cover the pan with a lid and be careful. Since thick mashed potatoes puffs and sprays during boiling, you can get burned.

Boil mashed potatoes on low heat for 10-12 minutes.

Mix 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar and 3 teaspoons of pectin powder. Pour the mixture in small portions onto fruit puree, stir to dissolve the pectin.

If you pour pure sugar-free powder into the pan, then it sticks together and an insoluble clot forms.

Grind the ingredients until a thick, uniform mashed potatoes Bring the jam over medium heat to a boil. Boil mashed potatoes over low heat for 10-12 minutes Pour a mixture of sugar powder and pectin, stir

Boil peach jam with pectin for 4 minutes, immediately pour into sterilized, dry jars. At first it will be liquid; it will thicken as it cools.

The cooled cans are screwed with dry boiled lids.

Boil peach jam for 4 minutes, pour into sterilized jars. After cooling, close

According to this recipe, you can make blanks with apricots or cherry plum.